Did you loathe going in field service, if so why?

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Have you ever noticed the double standard of JW's. I have been around many of the "friends" who go off on telemarketers and hate them calling on the the phone. But at the same time we were in a car group going door to door doing the same thing bugging people at their homes without being asked to come. I used to just sit in the car listening to one of the JW's talking about being rude to a telemarketer and how funny it was and I would think to myself are you hearing yourself. Some of the JW's could be really mean to the telemarketers on the phone.

    When we left Bethel Jehovah did not give me this great job and provide for me like I was told if you just give up everything in your life Jehovah picks up the slack. Well how Jehovah did that was to give me a job as a telemarketer. It is hard work and depressing to be yelled at and it is very much like field service. Sometimes I truly did not mind it when I was selling something I believed in but most of the time I did not like what I was selling and would not have used it myself.n How do you sell something you think is crap.

    Same thing with selling the Watchtower and Awake. Some of the stuff in the magazines I just did not believe in but I tried to convince myself that I was doing what Jehovah wanted.

    All I have done is lie to myself. Hard to respect ones self when we sell our souls.


  • jookbeard

    absolutely hated the pointless waste of time of F/S would find any excuse to miss it

  • JWinprotest

    I absolutely hated it. It especially bothered me after 2 mormons came to my door one day, and I realized how annoying it truly was to have it was. Besides, how arrogant was it for us to refuse to read any of their literature, but expect them to be open to any of ours?

  • jam

    maybe Iam wrong in applying the scripture (Matt.6;5-you must not be like the hypocrites; for they love

    to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by men), but

    after reading that it only apply to JW,s and Mormons. What other religious group stand on street corners.

  • littlebird

    I couldn't stand it because of being pushed to return visit on people you know just took the magazines to get rid of you, the real reason you call back is because you hope the person will be half way decent to you and you have to get your time in. I could never picture the apostles going door to door with magazines either.

  • God Chick
    God Chick

    Hated hated hated it.

    Regular pioneered for 10 years. Did all the tricks 'to count time' Seemed like such a waste, as long as i wrote down 90 hours the elders were happy. It was all cat service (me.hours me.hours me.hours) and not about actually helping people. Hated knocking on doors and nobody interested or wanted you there.

    Just glad a never brought anyone into 'the truth', would find that hard to live with.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I loved Field Service! Field Service and Public Talks are probably the 2 things I do miss. FS is probably a big reason why I am outgoing and have good people skills. It's true that it is not for everyone. I would like to match up with someone who didn't like it or was new. Whatever the situation I would let them do as much as they wanted. If they wanted me to do all the talking that was fine. I would just figure out a way to include them and make them part of the experience. Sometimes I would be with 3 other people and just let them take turns going with me. No use making someone do something they hated.

    I can imagine it's much tougher going in FS now. People nowdays are less interested in the Bible and all the anti-JW stuff people can look up and hit you with.

  • Quentin

    Depended on my mood...if I was in a car group where we had to work the doors alone, hated it. But going from house to house with someone you could tolerate made the time pass quickly.

    What I HATED more were 'BACK CALLS" gag me with a spoon''

  • tenyearsafter

    I hated it!...I always felt I was intruding on people's limited private time at home. If I found an interested person, it was a refreshing break, but otherwise every minute seemed like an hour. I much preferred using a topic and the Bible to "placing" magazines, but that was never encouraged in the congos I attended. The day I stopped doing FS was the day I started to feel a degree of freedom...

  • miseryloveselders

    I hate it, and guess what? Guess where I'll be tommorrow morning? Guess why I need to hit the sack early tonight? Yep, you guessed it. Going to bother people early tommorrow morning with the latest magazines, or offerings, or literature. Whatever you wanna call it. Guess what temperature its going to be tommorrow morning? 13 degrees. But there is hope!! Tommorrow is the 30th of the month. Hopefully all those who already have enough field circus time to satisfy their individual conscious, will stay home. Maybe the cold will discourage the others!! That will leave me time for all kinds of goodies. Lets see.............McDonald's has two Sausage McMuffins w/cheese for two dollars. Maybe I'll get two hashbrowns too. Or there is Denny's, Bob Evans, etc.. Reality check.................

    On the other hand, the temperature may just rise, and several people will show up. They'll all be trying to outdo one another spiritually. We'll consider the daily text and hear a few sanctimonious, self righteous comments. They'll probably wish to do door-to-door afterwards. And if they don't, one of the pushier, older, pioneers will bully the rest of the group into doing her bidding. (those old ones can be some mean ol bitches!)Which means afterwards, they'll look to me for territory. They'll say, "Lead us Misery!! Lead us to the meek!! For they need to hear our poorly prepared presentations!!" At which I'll respond by taking them to a neighborhood, errr territory that is, where the majority of the people are............eck!!!!! Christians.

    Christians who'll respond to my presentation with, "I have my own religion", or "I go to the church down the street." Guess what I'll say? "Do you pray the Lord's Prayer?" At which point, as if on cue, both the "householder" and myself will recite the opening lines to the prayer simultaneously. I'll offer the latest magazines, which they'll accept just to get me off their porch without resorting to rudeness or threats of violence. I'll offer to come back to see, "what they think about the magazines." Then my partner and I will rendevous with the other half of the group who will certainly ask the question.........."Did ya get anybody!?!?!" I'll go, "yes! He told me if I can come back if I can catch him!" "Thats great Misery!" "Who's up for some return visits!!"

    Return Visits consist of a group of unwanted people in "your" car going to addresses that they havent been to in two years. And they act so surprised when they get to the address only to find out the person at the house moved, or the householder doesnt recognize them. Or they jotted the address down sloppy, and they cant tell if the adress is 267 Apathetic Street, or 752 Apathetic Drive. Don't let there be a mother and her child in the group either. The child will be forced to to "call on" the woman who took the magazines from the kid only because he's cute, and she's sympathetic. The children of these mothers are almost guaranteed to live double lives as teenagers and fade as adults. After return visits, you drop off everyone, and not one of them offers you any money on gas. But that's ok. You know why? Cuz its over. You can go about your day in peace. Thankful you don't have to do this again until next Saturday. And if your lucky (not that we believe in luck or anything), maybe you'll get snowed in!!!!

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