Did you loathe going in field service, if so why?

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  • donuthole

    I didn't like it but during the last year when I just went out with the Bible it actually was a much better experience. However if you want to talk to actual people about the Bible there are much better avenues instead of wearing your nuckles out on empty homes.

    (I also loved sausage egg biscuts from Hardee's - that was consistently good.)

  • restrangled

    I hated it as a child and teenager....never did it after 16 years old.

    My problem was the territory was always my fellow class mates. Imagine showing up at the door of the most popular kids in school, with your mom, dressed like a Mormon on a Saturday morning. Bible in hand, book bag etc., waking them up, and then having to return to school on a Monday morning trying to fit in.

    No dice, I had to try extra hard to be wild to counter act the weekend JW activity.

    Life was a nightmare, a double sided bullshixt existence.

    Today, I hate anyone coming to my door. I have two very prominent signs about a large guard dog. If anyone dares ring my bell, the Dog is released to confront them. He doesn't bark, or bite.....he just stands between the person and the door. If you have the nerve to try and sell me something, you have to deal with my dog first.

    Door to Door sales is dead at this point in time.


  • undercover
    Today, I hate anyone coming to my door. I have two very prominent signs about a large guard dog.

    I'm the same way. When my doorbell rings and I'm not expecting anyone, it better be a neighbor wanting to borrow a cup of sugar or sumthin. 'Cept I don't have dogs, but I do have other implements of destruction that when flashed tends to cut short any sales pitch...

  • Casper

    I totally hated it...

    I never felt like people wanted us there, if they did why on earth would some hide ?

    No one ever acted like they were glad to see us.

    Plus, I always felt we looked like fools in bad weather.


  • restrangled

    OK, I have to tell everyone this but I was sworn to secrecy

    At my mom's hall the latest thing is if there are 5 going door to door, 2 sisters 3 brothers. The 2 sisters go together and then 2 brothers go together, with the third keeping watch in the house holder's driveway.

    She said this happened on her block, and had she not recognized who they were, she would have been dialing 911 instantly.

    Here is the worst of it....please understand, I am not prejudiced, but many neighbors are.

    These were 3 black gentleman in a totally white neighborhood. It seems very risky to me to be doing this. It would be like 3 white boys going into a dominantly black community, 2 white guys going to a door and one standing at the end of their drive way.

    Just absolute stupid behavior.

    OK.....go ahead and nail me for this post

  • LostGeneration

    What about when 15 JW's invade a coffee shop on Saturday morning? All kinds of weird looks from the help and the customers wonder what the heck all these people are doing showing up in their Sunday best. That will make you feel out of place real quick.

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Yes, I disliked field service. Riding around in a car with friends wasn't so bad--in fact we had fun sometimes. But bothering people at their homes to sell them religious literature...not so much.

    Sometimes JWs try to get me to come back by reminding me of the good times we had in service and in other JW activities. What they fail to realize is the good times were not the result of the JW activities...rather the good times were in spite of the JW activities.

    Even as a believing JW, I thought field service was a complete waste of time. In fact, I thought it contradicted the Golden Rule--I sure didn't want people coming to my door pushing religion, so why should I do that to other people?

    This (the Golden Rule) was also my rationale for never participating in "telephone witnessing"--or, as I called it, "telemarketing." I never bought anything from a telemarketer. I thought they were the lowest form of life on the planet. So, why in the world would I become one?

  • four candles
    four candles

    Hey up Highdose,

    eh up boyo! whats "bobbins"??

    It's a Manchester/Northern expression means rubbish,useless,no good.

  • doublelife

    I enjoyed the time spend with "friends." But as for going to the doors, I hated it. I never knew how to respond to certain comments such as, "We're lesbians here" or "I'm a Satanist." People always said things like that to me. Even when I was pioneering I never felt adequate enough and I always went out with my mom so that she could take over when something like that happened.

  • jamiebowers

    I absolutely loved it, but then again, I love talking to people. And I can honestly say that I can't think of one bad experience with anyone I had a chance to talk to.

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