did you like being called "brother" or "sister"?

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I have always hated it. I remember when I was just a kid and some elder would say brothers when we get into the new system not bothers and sisters. I was just five and six years old. I remember truly thinking that us sisters would not be there. When I got older I realized that the elder was just to lazy to say brothers and sisters.

    I just hate it. My husband is always saying it. Brother this or sister that said yad, yad, yad. I am like you mean Bob, or Joyce, or Tom. To me if they were brother or sister I would have been invited to their homes at least once in 8 years but since I have never been allowed to step into their homes they are not a brother or sister to me to me. They never seems to have a problem coming to my home but I am not good enough to be in their homes.

    OK I have brother and sister. Just hate it.

  • agonus

    Never bothered me. All humans are my brothers and sisters. We all come from Adam and Eve, no?

  • PEC
    We all come from Adam and Eve, no?



  • WTWizard

    I never had a problem with it while I was in. But, there are too many people (notably, the extended family associated with my getting dragged into the cancer in the first place) that I would want to if I were associated as being related to in any way.

  • agonus


    My point is, according to the WT, we do come from Adam & Eve. So by that reasoning, we're all bros/sis. The human family - you know what I mean.

  • finallysomepride

    i hated it very much, even as a small child I would call plp by their first name, even my aunties & uncles, brother & sister BS

  • chickpea

    two good friends (in a relative JW sense)
    and i used to just rip on that aspect of Jdubdom....
    we could torture the word "sister" and never
    missed the opportunity, even in fellowship at the hall!

    we also had the euphamisms:

    brother easilypissed

    sister righteousovermuch

    sister offhermeds

    brother clipontie

  • shopaholic

    Was rarely called "sister". For some reason I was mostly called by my first name... even by little kids. It was actually strange to hear someone address me as Sister Aholic.

  • AllTimeJeff

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