did you like being called "brother" or "sister"?

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  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Calling people Brother or Sister has it's place....but NOT all the time. True, it can sound cultish to some people and that PO calling his wife "sister" in a non-KH activity sounds creepy. In one stuffy cong. they would get on me for mixing it up when calling names from the platform or book study.

  • nelly136

    no, i found it uncomfortable and creepy, and yup brothers marrying sisters does sound incestuous

    as for being part of one big family, i can't say i've heard any normal siblings address their blood relatives as sister this or brother that, they just use their name.

    if its a matter of respect mr /mrs 'insert-surname' would suffice.

  • spawn

    I hated it because I was named at birth by my mother.

    If you can't remember the names of people you meet, its so much easier to remember "Brother or Sister" and a Borg way of keeping everyone nondesript.

  • crapola

    Actually, no I never liked it. At the time though I just went along with it and never thought that much about it.

  • dissed

    I did like the way we used it in descripitive ways for parts.

    "Sister always late"

    "Brother forgetful"

    "Sister wants a man so bad I can taste him"

    "Brother materialistic"

    "Sister and brother new"

    "Brother with doubts"

  • Finally-Free

    What really bothered me was the term "fleshly sister". The way the term is used implies that a "fleshly" sibling is something less if they're not JWs. My sisters are my sisters, and I don't appreciate the f*cking prefix.


  • cry

    I never liked it either, in fact I was corrected several times for not saying 'sister' or 'brother'. I also hated it when my kids called (an almost stranger) Aunty........they were not their Aunty or Uncle. This is reserved for families surely.

  • Slayerbard

    It always bugged me how they use it as a title. I mean they profess to be on a FIRST NAME BASIS with GOD..that they alone are special enough to use his name.. and they use it ALOT. Not even putting a respectful title infront of it, like Jehovah God, or Father Jehovah.. its usually Jehovah. But every person in the hall had a title...except God..that always struck me as wrong. I remember getting yell at by a family member when I called a brother by his first name.....mind you I was in my mid 20's at the time. lol

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I was OK with 'brother,' but it sort of got my panties in a bunch when I was called "sister."

    Even worse was when a bethel boy would call me 'girlfriend.'

  • sooner7nc

    I did like the way we used it in descripitive ways for parts.

    Such as: Brothers Jacksalot

    Sister Overbearingwhore

    Brother Gay

    Sister Unbeleivingmate

    Brother Fondleschildren

    Sister Leglicker

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