JWs don't leave the organization over doctrine

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  • doublelife

    EndofMysteries, I can't speak for magwitch but my understanding of her point is that sex before marriage is no longer wrong if you don't believe in the bible anymore. But since you don't have to believe in the bible to believe in a creator, you don't have to be athiest to realize sex without marriage is not wrong. That brings up another thought. I think I'm going to make a different post about it.

  • jdhf

    THank you agonus, double life, poopsiecakes, freydo, wobble, awake and watching.... for your thoughtful and kind remarks..it has and is a hard road and I hope will get easier. There will still be hurdles to get across e.g. letting my friends know and see if they are too indoctrinated to still be friends, even after so many years. Acolytes...sorry but I disagree with you totally... my heart is full of love for all people and the love I have for Jah and Jesus compelled me to leave the 'truth', as the teachings are false. If Jesus came down to earth today would he REALLY find the true religion? I don't think so. Organised religion lets itself be overcome with power over its adherents' lives, and through faulty human nature simply cannot as a group adhere to true christian teachings. I think only individuals would be found by him. Organizations are by their very nature too flawed.. and the draw to control is too great. I have read where those on the GB said that if they didn't 'control' us, we would be too likely to do anything. So much for faith in individual faith and trust in human nature. I would have found the brothers better if they really treated us with more love and understanding, just like Jesus did. He epitomised the true meaning of love. I think he would be disgusted at those who profess to represent his father. I think Jah would agree with me.

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