JWs don't leave the organization over doctrine

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  • doublelife

    Can anyone help me with a quote from a publication studied in '09 that had a box that said jws leave over selfish reasons but not over doctrine? I think it was studied in the BS but I can't find it and I already tried the search feature. I remember someone posted about it at the time it was studied. Thanks.

  • civicsi00

    It was in one of the early 2009 Study WT's but I'm not sure which one... I'm racking my brain for it too...

  • Farkel

    : that had a box that said jws leave over selfish reasons

    Well, that part is true. We use another explanation, though. We call it "keeping our sanity."


  • alanv

    Whether the WT said it or not, it is just another lie coming out of Brooklyn. You only have to read the accounts of people's exit on this board to realize that most people left because they could no longer live a lie.

    It may well be that once they are out they might do something terrible like celebrate a birthday, celebrate xmas or worse watch a dodgy film, but the main reason they leave is because they have seen so much not right in the org.

  • WTWizard

    People leave when they can no longer teach the doctrine with a good conscience, when they are severely mistreated, or when they continually observe things going on that do not go along with their own doctrines. And, the continual change of "a generation" is going to be miserably difficult for anyone to actually defend. Aside that the majority are locked in because the cost of leaving is kept too high by the organization itself, people would leave because they cannot defend the doctrine.

  • Mythbuster

    *** w09 8/15 p. 20 “Keep Yourselves in God’s Love” ***
    During the 2008/2009 district convention program, a 224-page book entitled “Keep Yourselves in God’s Love” was released. What is the purpose of this new book? It is designed to help Christians to come to know and love Jehovah’s standards, focusing primarily on Christian conduct. A careful study of “Keep Yourselves in God’s Love” will deepen our conviction that living in harmony with Jehovah’s standards is the best way to live now and leads to everlasting life in the future.
    More than that, this book is designed to help us see that obedience to Jehovah is not a burden. On the contrary, it is a way of showing Jehovah just how much we love him. Hence, this book will move us to ask ourselves, ‘Why do I obey Jehovah?’
    When some make the sad mistake of leaving Jehovah’s love, the problem generally involves conduct, not doctrine. How vital, then, that we strengthen our love and appreciation for Jehovah’s laws and principles that guide us in our daily life! We are confident that this new publication will help Jehovah’s sheep worldwide to stand firm for what is right, to prove Satan a liar, and above all to remain in God’s love!—Jude 21

  • yknot

    I believe you are looking for this one....... from the Nov 15, 2008 WT (Studied in Jan)


  • asilentone

    Stephen Lett said that in his talk, maybe someone can help you to find that thread somewhere.

  • moshe

    The WT leaders don't want to give JW's the idea that most former JW's left over doctrine, because then JW's will wonder what the doctrinal problem was that caused ex-JW's to leave. It's better to let everyone believe that former members are just debased sub-humans. In my case it was doctrinal issues that led to my exit, then my JW-wife made me out to be an evil apostate that she couldn't live with anymore. My conduct was "bad" from the JW point of view because I wanted equal access to my kids religious instruction and I wanted them to accompany me to a church so they could judge Orthodox Christianity for themselves.

  • Atlantis

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