I passed the GED test!!!

by noni1974 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • OnTheWayOut

    From one G.E.D. grad to another:

    Hurray for you. Go Girl!

    G.E.D. stands for get 'er done.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    A lot more rewarding than passing the written review

  • xmkx

    Great job! I'm glad to hear you're planning on continuing your education on to college. I've found that my high school education was really just setting the foundation for college. High school education teaches you the facts but college teaches you why they are facts and how to think critically about the information that is presented to you in the future (of course along with teaching you a trade). I hated high school but I absolutely love college. :)

  • badseed

    Congratulations!! I remember you had a thread about that a while back. Glad you went for it and passed.

  • noni1974

    Yes Lady Lee. I actually will receive a GED diploma in the mail in a few weeks. No one can ever take this away. No one can say it doesn't count.

    My grandfather got his at 70 years old. He did it after he retired for no other reason than the self satisfaction of doing it. I thought if he can do it at 70, then I can do it at 35. I will use mine to go to college as soon as I can. BTW my grandfather never made it past the 6th grade in school but went on to take enginering classes later in life. That was before a GED was required to get into college in like the 1950's.

  • PEC

    Congtraulations, I took some Jr. college classes for work, before I got my GED. Philip

  • jamiebowers

    Congrats! I was worried that a four year school wouldn't accept me, because I ha a GED, but no one batted an eye I obtaind a BA and graduated with honors. You'll do well.

  • snowbird

    Congratulations, Noni!

    Keep going, girl!


  • quietlyleaving

    congratulations noni.

    My grandad was also taking classes into old age.


    Woot Woot WOOT!!!!!

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