Since You're In The "World" Now What Types Of Friends Do You Have?

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  • parakeet

    I have a friend of 40+ years, an ex-dub like me, who would jump in front of a bus for me, as I would for her. She is my "sister," the way sister is supposed to mean.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I have some friends, but nobody I would consider really close. I'm pretty sure none of them are JW's. That's the one thing about JW' can sweat, bled, cry & laugh with them, but if you leave the org. the friendship is over for the most part.

    I'm hoping to make some e-mail friends here. I'm in Texas if anybody else is out there.

  • chickpea

    man oh man they run the gamut!!

    men, women, gay, straight, high school/college students, octogenarians, musicians, scholars,
    mentally ill/mentally challenged, dems/reps, xian/jewish/pagan/indigenous religious, atheist,
    drop-outs, entrepeneurs, unemployed, stoners, str8 edge, sacred, profane....

    everyone of them has taught me something about humanity... i hope they can say the same of me

    just had my 18 YO son's ex-g/f come by for a cuppa last evening... cos she missed me

  • littlebird

    I have much better friends, who don't judge the movies I have in my house, or the things my kids are wearing. I don't have to put on a different personality when Im around them. I have all kinds, gay, straight, christina, a wiccan. They don't judge me and I dont feel the need to judge them.

  • minimus

    It's GREAT to have friends and not be judged because of it! I know friends that go away on vaca sometimes. They're best of friends with no sexual union. If they were JW "friends", they'd be df'd!

  • VoidEater

    Kind, intelligent, thoughtful, authentic.

  • Farkel

    :Since You're In The "World" Now What Types Of Friends Do You Have?

    Worldly ones.

    What else?


  • minimus

    OK, what kind of worldly ones??

    I know.

    "Very worldly ones".

  • jaguarbass

    I realized after my 31 years as a witness that people dont have friends. They have aquaintances.

    If during a lifetime a person has 1 or 2 real friends they are lucky.

    I have my wife, and my son.

    I know people. I play in bands and know the people in the bands I play in and we have fun together when

    we play a show.

    I know people at the gym and we talk about diet and exercise and supplements.

    I used to play sports baseball, volleyball, hockey and I would know some of the people on the team.

    I know the people I work with and sometimes after the shift we hang out in the parking lot

    and talk about how we made it through the shift.

    But I dont go to anybodies house and hang out. I wasnt big on that when I was a witness.

    Even when I was a kid or teenager. I used to play sports, and play my guitar or piano.

    When I have free time I like to listen to or play music.

    Between working 40 hours a week midnights at the jail, going to the gym, spending time with my

    wife dinner, movies, motorcycle rides, day trips, playing music, there isnt really any time for

    anybody or anything else.

    Maybe its me Im a lone wolf or maybe its me, I learned from my time in the tower.

    We dont have friends we have aquaintances.

    I have a couple of free hours right now, and I'm going to play the drums and record them.

  • minimus

    I agree. If you have 1 or 2 good friends in your lifetime, cherish it!

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