How good is it to be out?

by hotchocolate 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • thetrueone

    "But where else will you go?" a friend said as I was leaving.

    You should have said to " The Truth "

    Thanks for joining humanity .....all the best

  • besty

    or . . .

    Well, if you were in a burning house, would you need to know where you were going before you left? The most important thing is getting out, wouldn't you agree????!!!!!!!!!!!

    (JW's love their burning house illustration . . .)

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Hot Choc - sorry logged in as my hubby, it's me really above . . .

  • flipper

    HOT CHOCOLATE- Very true what you say ! Freedom is great ! Freedom from cult mind control and the ability and freedom we have to make our own informed decisions. I was born-in the witnesses and in for 44 years. Been out 6 years now - and it's been the happiest years of my life !

    Only one thing I differ with in your initial post - we NEVER really had the " truth ". It was the " false " all along. No problem. Just a small technicality ! LOL! I'm glad you are happy as well

  • hotchocolate

    Love you too Besty. :-)

    Ready for a rebound for sure. Bring it on!


  • hotchocolate

    Thanks Flipper. And to others too - personally when I write "the truth", it's because I'm hoping to speak the language of those who might be reading this from the place I was not so long ago. Every time I write here I'm aware of trying to stay respectful and use terms that insiders will relate to... "All things to all people", it's ingrained, what can I say? :-)

  • hotchocolate

    Sweet Pea, here's to getting out!

  • parakeet

    How good is it to be out? -- compared to life as a dub, it's good beyond the telling of it.

  • shopaholic

    Its one of the best things EVER!!! When you've come through it you realize how strong you really are...Very happy for you.

    To your freedom

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