how much longer do you give it?

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  • ldrnomo

    I think that once my generation dies off the bORG will not be able to survive. I am 63 so I give it 25 years of continued existence.


  • leec

    The only thing I could imagine that would fracture the WTS and its followers would be a thorough exposé on child abuse issues which presents irrefutable evidence, undertaken by a large and well-trusted media organization.

    I actually have a fried at the NYT who even lives in Brooklyn Heights, but I would feel a little uncomfortable suggesting the idea, especially since I have no "kindling" (e.g. people to interview, documents, etc) to spark the interest, beyond whatever's already on the internet.

  • Mary
    how much longer do you think it will be til the borg implodes?

    A time, times and half a time. I guess that means 1,260 years.

  • cyberjesus

    Mary: very funny

    Since they are a cult they have assured a long life, almost everlasting no matter how many years or centuries they need to move their prophecies forward, there will be always new light to explain the changes and there will always be the ban on education and research, so theres no hope there. Since they are also a religion they also have assured demand. People need to believe in something. Also theres alot of poverty on the world so that gives them more customers to catch.

    However we have the internet now. And the generations are changing more than what we were used to. If this generation were to suddenly die the new generation for sure wouldnt continue the Cult. Internet access is now available in schools. Knowledge is more accessible to everyone. If a wealthy person would invest money to advertise questions or fact that wouldnt attack them but make them think, that would lead more people to do their own research and the more websites like this and books and videos there are then more and more people will drop or even avoid joining in. So tons of bad publicity will definetly help. The more bad publicity the better, the more access to information the better.

    I think at least one full generation 70-100 years they will not be as strong as they are now. I think that probably in 150 years they wont exist. Wishfull thinking.

    It would be great to have a prediction by someone who studies religion and sociology.

  • Twitch

    It'll be around quite a bit longer than I, IMO

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