Is it time to move on from this board?

by John Doe 58 Replies latest jw friends

  • wobble

    I am totally addicted, and was thinking only yesterday that in a way this site stops me from really moving on, but I do love to be informed,and to be one, or more, steps ahead of my Dubby family.

    You will have to put up with me for a while yet.



    p.s BIG WELCOME to Think About It, how about posting your story, what woke you up etc ?

  • creativhoney

    if I have time to browse here I will. - its always a nice feeling. like I'm among friends. - sometimes life keeps you from forums and thats fine too. - theres no need to leave if you can manage to visit without the detriment of other things x

  • nugget

    I agree it is addictive. However how you manage your time is your responsibility. If you feel you are goofing off when you should be working then do your work first then reward yourself with half and hour on the board when you have done what you need to. After all you won't be able to surf the web when the bailifs take your pc away.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    I'm new here, but in my short time spent so far I have to say that there is alot of good advice and generally caring people who post. They know what it was like in the org, some having seen it from higher levels, and more than likely most have family still inside.

    I'll stick around for awhile since I too have family inside, namely ALL of them. Even when some come out (I'm crossing my fingers) I don't see ever staying away from this forum for too long. The memories that come flooding back when I read posts here, the blood pressure rising as I witness injustice, the gritting of teeth over a JC, the laughter at deja vu-type experiences -- all of this can be addictive. But so is drinking coffee, and who plans on stopping that one?

  • PSacramento

    I like discussing theology anhd different interpretations of doctrine, I am open to new views and ideas so, I like it here.

    But the anti-god "crowd" do make it a turn off at times, then I try to understand their POV and understand what they are saying or trying to say and its OK.

  • Think About It
    Think About It me, you never really move completely on. Except for about the final month I stepped down as elder, I was completely involved. Then quit and never went to another meeting, Memorial or read the WT literature. Even after 15 yrs you think about JW things sometimes...during things you would do, decisions you would make. I've lived a "normal life" since leaving and have done very well.

    My story? I'll post it later, but when trying to be a good elder and seeing things the way they really were...I just couldn't stay any longer.

  • moshe

    Coming here has helped me in my search for the universal law of morality- and it's not found in the KH. I continue to glean good ideas here about moral and ethical behavior and on the flip side as exercised my JW's and their leaders.

  • snowbird

    Don't go, Doe.

    Please stay, okay?

    I'll stop the harassment,

    If it causes you embarrassment.

    Won't even find it compelling,

    To correct your spelling!


  • jookbeard

    I post far less now but like to have a daily lurk to keep up to date, the main source of enjoyment for me here are Dub Apologists but they seem to have gone quiet lately.

  • mouthy

    This is my family! If I get off this "WHERE WILL I GO"'?

    Did I hear some one say "TO HELL">???
    I couldnt get on yesterday ,Talk about panic!!!
    John if you want to D/F us ...Your free to do it But I will miss ya!

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