Letter from WT's Haiti Branch Committee re: Society's relief response

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  • wheelwithinwheel

    M Davis – I hope you check out every press release and any new light coming from the WT like you suggest to everyone else here.

    The report from Haiti,which seems to be written by Inez Norman, sounds OK to me.

    John and Inez Norman were in the circuit and were sent to Haiti to look after the Branch years ago. I think John being black had something to do with the WT deciding he was just right for the job.

    Paul Rozon was into repairing and selling batteries and made good money when the business was sold

    Sylvain Bellerive is a small-time builder from a little town 100 miles north of Montreal. He was used a lot by the regional building committee.

    Pierre Thibodeau was a special who laid tile to make extra money and became quite active in the regional builds. Looks like h'es got a nice Branch tile job, a beautiful room, and will be able to escape the Canadian winter this year.

    Charles Synder I don’t know but it would be easy for you to check it out.

    If M Davis is your real name I understand why you may find it hard to believe someone you know could have written this. Why don't you contact Inez and ask her if she really wrote it?

    If you believe Disaster Relief means rebuilding Kingdom halls and helping your fellow believers you probably are a J.W

  • rix


    Thanks for posting. How sad the thinking & mind control. How is it that (not only the brother) that wrote the letter, but many don't give

    credance to the fact that there are doctors at Bethel and they had to go to a University.??? Many don't know that years ago, many brothers

    (who were behind Mighty Auto Parts) got a corporation together, Co-High ( for Columbia Heights), and purchased some houses, brown stones

    as they are called and put a call out for doctors to come to Bethel. They came with their families including children and were housed in these

    houses. Not only did they need educated brothers but they also treated them differently. What's wrong with this picture?????



    that God & his angles protect witnesses... time & unforeseen occurrence effect everyone. No one is exempt from disasters/ accidents, nor do witnesses believe anyone is being punished by disasters, that thought is unthinkable. God is a loving God and doesn't want anyone to be destroyed.

    we don't believe only witnesses or even every witness will be saved during armageddon, that is totally God's decision, we are not the judge, and we also make sure we are trying to do whats right because we know that those who may think they are righteous may fall. So true witnesses do not think they are better then anyone.

    but i digress cause if anyone really cared to know they could look it up, if your really against our believes fine. but you all are stating incorrect facts and views, get them right from the direct source, the websights tell everyone up front all our beliefs. Then bash what witnesses REALLY believe......MDavis

    Many here are 2nd,3rd and 4th generation JW`s..

    We know what JW`s..

    Do and Do Not Believe..

    You post is a Blatent Lie..


    You Know it..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • mamochan13

    On tonights benefit for Haiti, one of the announcers commented that in Haiti all children attend school in the afternoon, therefore ALL children were at school when the quake hit, whether it was elementary, high school, or university. So I guess Jah brings destruction against any kind of education.

    The university comment is really sickening. But it is SO typical of the kinds of comments I remember hearing from the platform.

  • flipper

    MDAVIS- The fact remains that the Haiti WT representative made a VERY uncalled for and unempathetic comment when saying that this is what happens to people when they go to college is they get crushed by buildings. It was an immoral comment of the highest degree - especially by a person who claims to represent the most high God Jehovah- allegedly. Tell me- if you are a JW in good standing- would you see Jesus Christ making a similar comment ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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