Letter from WT's Haiti Branch Committee re: Society's relief response

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  • Dogpatch

    Randy I got an Email from Freeminds this morning with a link to the worldwide report for 2009

    I didn't send it, and I don't have it, sorry. :-))


  • JoJoJones

    This reminds me of the comment Pat Robertson made about the earthquake in Haiti - - that Haiti made a pact with the devil in order to gain independence from France, thus the earthquake (???). Such stupid, insensitive comments made by so-called Christians, Witnesses or otherwise! All people deserve help and support in case of disasters. Period. How can JWs be so blinded as to not see that?! In any kind of disaster, anywhere.

  • startingover

    To be fair, the quote from the Proclaimers book continues:

    "At the same time, they gladly assist others as they are able. They have done this, for example, when providing food for earthquake victims in Italy. In the United States, when helping flood and storm victims, they have also cleaned and repaired the homoes of distraught neighbors of Witnesses."

    I think we all know that if there were no JW's in a country or disaster area, their help would be nowhere to be found.

  • Atlantis

    Randy I got an Email from Freeminds this morning with a link to the worldwide report for 2009 from the new yearbook.

    2009 Report:

    2009 Annual Report of Jehovah's Witnesses


  • straightshooter

    The WTS higher education comment just makes me sick. It suggests that God purposely killed those students because they were attending an university class.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I have to wonder who qualifies as "other victims"?

    Knowing how they operate would "other victims" include non-baptized family members? The spouses and family of JWs who are married no non-JWs?

    I can see "neighbors" being included because they need to make an good witness. Otherwise I think they would turn their backs like they did in Brooklyn as people were fleeing the city and going past their door. They were told to close the curtains and walk away from the windows. The doors were locked and only JWs were permitted entry.

    JWs know nothing about being a good Samaritan. NOTHING!

  • PSacramento

    They are lucky indeed that God does provide for SKILLED and TRAINED DOCTORS from UNIVERSITIES to help them.


  • snowbird

    I'm glad to see that some families aren't listening to WT regarding higher education.

    The snide comments about college buildings falling down are extremely sickening.

    Crazy, narrow-minded idiots!


  • Finally-Free

    The only reason JWs provide any assistance at all, even to their own members, is because they see it as an opportunity to gain a little positive media attention. I have never seen them help local JWs who were in dire straits. They'll help a few people now in Haiti and boast about it for the next 20 years.


  • sspo

    Some 'accident'why they are here at such a critical moment--why we know Jehovah n his angels are running this

    Jehovah really does take care of us!! Monday we
    had propane and diesel deliveries--without the usual paper transaction,

    Interesting comment about jehovah and his angels being involved in this work when they had more than 100 brothers and sisters that lost their lives, many injured and lost all their possessions.

    Always curious why Jehovah does not protect his own .

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