Letter from WT's Haiti Branch Committee re: Society's relief response

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  • moshe

    It may not be so easy for them to ignore worldly Haitians who come knocking at the WT branch office for food and relief. How do you say, angry mob, in French Creole?

  • Finally-Free

    Interesting comment about jehovah and his angels being involved in this work when they had more than 100 brothers and sisters that lost their lives, many injured and lost all their possessions.

    Always curious why Jehovah does not protect his own .

    Maybe they were in school or at work instead of pioneering™.


  • Mary

    Here's the link. Feel free to add your two cents worth:


  • hamsterbait

    The scripture does say "let us work good toward all, but ESPECIALLY to those related to us in the faith."

    They apply this scripture to their own benefit.


  • Atlantis


    I think we all know that if there were no JW's in a country or disaster area, their help would be nowhere to be found.

    Well said! And this is the real context of the matter!

    Thank you!


  • carla

    Thank you for posting this Randy!

    Can anyone explain this to me? What do they mean by 'sideline'? "-Jehovah is a sideline one!"

    Their god sits on the sidelines or what? is that comment supposed to be a compliment?

    They'll help a few people now in Haiti and boast about it for the next 20 years......FF

    If theres any government disaster relief money..

    The WBT$ will ask for it,from the JW`s they do help..

    The WBT$ is`nt running a Charity..

    The WBT$ is there to make some Cash and get some Free Publicity..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    "Visible proof of where higher learning takes you." But the janitors and window washer were spared by Jehovah right? Just another Watchtower trained moron presenting his warped views.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Ugh...they are selfish despicable human beings!!! I only read ONE COMMENT on that JW FACEBOOK site where the asshole said that people who were crushed calling on God deserved to be because they didnt invoke Jehovahs name. They said it with such self absorbed, self important, self righteous MOCKERY of the faith of the Haitian people that I seriously could have killed that person if he was in front of me with my bare hands.

    Randy...seriously...how can you stomach this stuff....ugh...

    This same bullshit occurs with EVERY DISASTER!! The JWs sit around like the boys mocking the bald man, saying that Sister So and So was supposed to go to work or school that day and didnt and so JEHOVAH SAVED THEM but the brother who was killed because he was at the top of the Trade Center on 9/11 doing his JOB was killed because his HOURS WERENT HIGH ENOUGH! And they ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ever help EACH OTHER!!!

    They are HEARTLESS SONS OF BITCHES!!!!! And I cannot WAIT until the God sent "bear" comes as prophesied to punish them for their mockery and EATS THEIR SORRY SELF IMPORTANT ASSES!!

  • diamondiiz

    Too bad the world agencies don't work in a similar manner. Help everyone else first and jws last. After all what do "holy ones" need from this wicked and evil world anyways?

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