Letter from WT's Haiti Branch Committee re: Society's relief response

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I know it is tempting to call all JWs "selfish despicable human beings" but remember we were once one of them and did the same thing, believed the same thing.

    What I think is despicable and selfish is the WTS that controls the minds, hearts and spirits of people so strongly that their humanity is over-ridden by WT policy and dogma.

  • flipper

    DOGPATCH- I commented on this on another thread but something I wanted to make clear is this branch coordinator's extreme lack of compassion and idiot remarks showing lack of any human or real caring for non-witness victims who died is due to the extreme " cult mind control" tactics that the WT society uses and inculcates into Jehovah's Witnesses. They program their people to be automatons or robots that show NO human empathy towards anybody outside their little " square box " of associates. It's disgusting, abhorrent, and obscene that 6 million of their members are TRAINED to be this way.

    The scary part of this is that most all of us on this board have undergone shunning and awful treatment at the hands of former friends and family who are witnesses. And it gets scarier when you see the power of the mind control makes them treat DECEASED people like this by making denigrating remarks that these victims deserved to die by attending college. We all need to keep on exposing this awful behavior to the world and anybody we talk to

  • teel
    Can anyone explain this to me? What do they mean by 'sideline'? "-Jehovah is a sidelineone!"

    I think it means that Jehovah doesn't really matter, he sits on the sideline, not in the main course of action. In this context it's more important that the children get education than to serve God. Like the two are supposed to be contradictory...

  • Quillsky

    Look to be fair, in a disaster we would all look after our family first, friends and neighbors second, then everybody else. So in that sense I don't fault the Witnesses.

    What I do fault them for is making any kind of charity work a "marking" offense (Witnesses are permitted to volunteer for a charity without being disfellowshipped but it is not approved), and this.....

    Visible proof where 'higher learning' takes you--righti nto the ground!!

    ......with two little exclamation marks. Sickening.

  • teel
    Look to be fair, in a disaster we would all look after our family first, friends and neighbors second, then everybody else. So in that sense I don't fault the Witnesses.

    True, that is the normal reaction, no fault in that. Fine by me, but: don't say you're charitable then!

    With the words of Jesus:

    Matthew 5:46,47 : "If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?"

  • mdavis

    First of all if you had family in Haiti wouldn't you send them help first? It isn't that you don't care immensely for all the others there facing untold challenges. You would help your family and then send whatever means you had to help everyone else. Witnesses view eachother as family. Also I think anyone who takes someones word for something, is gullible. If someone shows you something should you just go with it and believe its true to fact? This "letter" posted could have been added to, or made up completely. As for the comment about higher education, someone who would say a thing like that doesn't have the right view of how God sees things, and a true witness wouldn't make such a comment. People come on if your going to be against something shouldn't it be for true facts. If you want to know what they are really doing and saying then go look it up, jwmedia will tell you, then criticize the facts, not made up hearsay.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    what is the facebook page? I would like to weigh in.

  • minimus

    These people live in their own little world. How thankful we can be that Jehovah God's angels watched over his people. Too bad they didn't save the 100 plus JWs that died.

    The higher education comment is so snide. See, go for higher ed and you will die! It's soo true!

  • carla

    MDavis, your kidding right? if you spent 15 minutes research jw history, and what the wt's actually say you could never print what you did. Go to youtube and watch for YOURSELF the insane talks against higher education from the higherups at the wt. Google any topic you wish and you can find actual scans of wt literature that expose the wt for the evil entity it really is.

    That's the point, most people here HAVE looked up what the wt teaches and that is our frustration! that jw's know nothing of their own doctrines!

    a true witness wouldn't make such a comment? again, are you joking? The mere fact that jw's look forward to the entire world looking like Haiti does right now and you think they wouldn't make a comment like that? What do they think the big A will look like? In fact Haiti is an example on how to explain witness docrtine- to a non jw who knows nothing but inquires about jw beliefs- answer- did you see all the images from Haiti? Yes. Well basically that is what jw's look forward to on a worldwide scale, if you aren't a jw you too will suffer a similar fate and then the jw's think they get to 'help' God clean up the mess. That in a nutshell is the core doctrine of jw's.

  • startingover


    I presume those are your comments on the facebook page, excellent!

    Funny how the JW's seemed to leave the building when challenged on the ridiculous statements.

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