a BIG shoutout to jwfacts

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  • leo999

    Thanks Paul , your site has helped me and my family so much . So clearly laid out and easy to understand , it is a true favourite as it uses the WT literature , so what could be better ! I often refer to it as a refresher course if I need to do some witnessing ;-)


  • Gayle

    Paul, I so appreciate all research of the WT facts of the past and the ongoing changes. I already left years ago but in helping some presently I can search on your site for the quick facts. Your site has a very easy navigation style for me. I appreciate so very much your recent responses of facts of ongoing changes of the WT. For example, changes in the number of times the WT speaks of the U.N. as the scarlet-colored wild beast and the Catholic Church mentioned being so much less than past decades.

    I do appreciate also how several sites interlink with each other, Paul's site, Randy's site (freeminds.org) this site, and others in different sites. It's wonderful to see so many people having a same purpose in the exposure of the WTS.

  • poopsiecakes

    There's just so much information on the site, I keep jumping back to it all the time and finding new gems.

    Paul, is it just me or did you add some fancy backgrounds on some of the pages? It's possible I've never noticed before but pretty flowers, mate!

  • Heaven

    I used www.jwfacts.com to confirm some of my suspicions as well as to educate myself on a lot of things I just didn't know. I continue to use it as a reference and will point anyone to it that has questions about the cult. It was one of the primary resources that helped me see the real truth about the JWs. It has given me ammunition to use in trying to get my Father to see the fallacies.

    You have done a wonderful job with it Paul. I am deeply grateful. I enjoy the format too. Thank you so very much!

  • jwfacts

    Thanks everyone. And yes, i have added a few flowers and other backgrounds in certain places. I have found it fun teaching myself html, as it helps with my job.

    It is nice the number of comments that it is a factual and honest site without being berating. It was hard to present it that way with all the emotion of leaving. When I first did a mockup and showed to my cousin she mentioned all the Grundyisms - inflammatory comments that I would add. I went through and removed them as it changes the focus of the information and makes any valuable points easy to dismiss.

    I do hope you have success with your families and friends. There is enough weird, contradictory or changed teachings within the Watchtower to be able to show facts without having to resort to wild speculation or assigning bad motives. The more calm the conversation the more likely a person will be to listen.

  • poopsiecakes

    Well, a big shoutout to your cousin too!!

    sooo, can you share a little Grundyism? lol

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    There's a way to pimp your lit without spamming, bro.

    Look at the author of "Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk" for a dignified and appropriate way to inform the members here about a new book one has authored. Your book may be awesome but my guess is that Mr. DuShane is getting a much more positive response from the folks here on JWN than you're going to get with spamming.

    Good luck not getting banned.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Paul, just wanted to add my thanks for your site. Your discussion on the blood issue is the best I've read on the subject. Logical, factual and extremely well resourced and written.

    If I'm ever in the land of Oz, I'd love to buy you a beer mate!

  • VIII

    Thanks for your site. It is very useful!

  • ziddina

    Oh, yeah! I was 'out' long before I looked stuff online, but I've got the JW FActs site in my "Favorites"!! Thanks, Paul!! Zid

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