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  • poopsiecakes

    I’m sure this has been mentioned many times on this site but I wanted to express my personal feelings of gratitude to Paul at jwfacts.com. Paul, your site changed my life. Even though I discovered it when I was already disfellowshipped and really didn’t have the intention of going back, I was still a fierce JW apologist. Needless to say, this caused me to be at war with myself and I was grappling with those two sides of my brain. It was roughly a year ago that I stumbled across your site and light bulbs started clicking and flashing all over me.

    I have one sister along with my mother still pounding away at the JW salt mines so they never talk to me but my other sister has been out for almost 30 years (faded) and even she had never researched the destructive history of the witnesses. It was one evening (before finding your site) that I happened to mention that the rule against organ donation had changed (way back) – she was shocked; I guess my mom didn't feel the need to fill her in on that, and that led to me updating her in on other changes in doctrine which led to me finding your site. We spent a couple of afternoons reading all of your research. It was such an eye opener and I find myself referring back there frequently.

    Paul, thank you so much for all of the hard work that went into compiling that information. It must not have been easy and I take my hat off to you for caring enough about the rest of us to put it all together. It’s truly a labor of love.

    If there are any newbies or fence-sitters out there who haven’t yet found this site please look it up and be amazed.

  • zoiks

    I second that sentiment. The site is an amazing resource. And so is this one. Thanks for all your hard work, good people!

  • lepermessiah


    Paul's site is excellent, along with many other of the great resources on the Web.

    I love how Paul presents the information in a way that you can reason with yourself and others on it. He got me to examine a lot of things closely that I had always accepted at face value.

    Plus, he always uses the WT literature to back up his information - sometimes I read something and think "Wow, I never picked up on that"

  • chickpea

    JWFACTS.com is the web address
    that gets stamped into publicly
    strewn WTS litterature whenever
    i encounter it....

    it is a clean, clear design with
    facts, not hyperbole, and serves
    to give information to "studies"
    that is knowingly and willfully
    withheld by JWs

    thanks, paul, for the excellent resource!

    Check it out before
    you study with JWs

  • Mary

    I agree. JWFacts is an excellent site. It's funny how many of us probably research their literature more now, than what we ever did when we were still in.

  • OnTheWayOut

    jwfacts is one of the best. I refer to it on this board often.

    My favorite from http://www.jwfacts.com/watchtower/15-minute-guide-to-truth.php is:

    circular watchtower reasoning

  • poopsiecakes

    It's truly amazing to me that I sat there for all of those years and hardly ever questioned anything. There were some things I'd hear from the platform that would make me go 'huh, what now?' and I regret not using my own thinking abilities to question further. A lot of times I'd slough things off because of who was saying them, like 'wow, he's off his meds today' or 'there he goes again' without reasoning at the spirit behind the words. One time a few years ago Gerrit Losch came to our congregation and gave a few talks during the week (cuz he's so special you know) and wow did he ever piss me off...I really should have known something was seriously wrong then...

    The thing I love about Paul's site is exactly what chickpea and lepermessiah said - no hyperbole, just straight facts using WT literature.

    Mary, you're so right about how we research better than when we were in. Critical thinking skills are so COOL!

    Zoiks, you're bang on - this is a shoutout to everyone on this site as well. What a diverse, interesting bunch of intelligent people here!! I find myself getting lost in threads that are presented and written with care and loving the deep subject matter. The fact that so many have a snappy sense of humor makes it entertaining as well. This site is ADDICTIVE!!!!

    OTWO, I love that chart too - another example of perfect reasoning from Paul.

  • besty

    thanks for saving my life Paul :-)

  • doublelife

    Thanks Paul for making that website. If it wasn't for the logical manner in which everything is presented, I wouldn't have read it and would probably still be in the borg. I still refer to it all the time and use it to reason with my husband.

  • Hopscotch

    I want to add my thanks also. It was the hours my husband and I spent reading jwfacts that convinced us a year or so into our fade never to go back.

    Thanks Paul


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