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  • runningonfaith


    I'm usually on JWS but i couldn't pass the opportunity to stop and join the rest of the people here praising Paul's site,one of the best and the one i always point out to newcomers.

    Thanks, from one Paul to another.

  • yesidid
    That was when I was more idealistic and did not understand how beliefs cannot just be changed by logic or facts alone.
    Yes Paul, many of us are still coming to grips with that very hard lesson.

    Take care,


  • poopsiecakes

    bttt for newbies & lurkers

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Absolutely a great site.

    For someone like me, it's perfect. I think Paul makes a valid point that it probably isn't enough for a lot of Dubs. It's just one tool in the toolbox. If one can learn to understand the way the cult works and how to overcome cult mind control, jwfacts.com becomes a weapons cache that one can use to blow 'the troof' out of the water.

  • whoknows

    It helped me a great deal three years ago after 42 years in to break away. Thank you Paul for creating it and keeping it going. Don't let the Philistines get to you - there are many who still need to see this site, so simple and well laid out. I know you have paid a great price for this, but you have help to save who knows how many from a life of slavery to a cult.

  • Heartofaboy

    I've just printed off some topics for my parents to read Paul, as they are long time JW's having a tough time reconciling the way the Org' seems to have lost its way.


  • goldensky

    Dear Paul, I had no idea you were the creator of jw.facts! And that in spite of the fact that in my eyes your avatar always stood out every time you posted because of the gorgeous baby you are holding. I can't let this opportunity slip by, although I can't add much more to the well-deserved praise from the other posters, to sincerely thank you for the logical presentation of each of the topics, coupled with objective information and equanimity as regards the organization together with your respectful attitude towards us readers, never trying to sway our thinking but encouraging us to reach our own conclusions. From the bottom of my heart, Chapeau! and thank you, very, very much.

  • jookbeard

    is a fine site and should be up for an award of some type, the best all round "Apostate" site out there, it is saving lives daily, mere words cant give it enough praise. Thank you Paul

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Allow me to add my voice in support of jwfacts. By keeping a measured tone and focusing on quotes from WT literature, jwfacts is one of the most useful sites out there. Thanks for putting it together and keeping it up!

  • PSacramento

    Facts stand alone, they need no hyperbole, no drama, why?

    Because they are truth.

    Thanks from those of us that have never been JW's and have used the facts and info on your site to remain sane VS the pressure of family that are JW's.

    I enjoy jwfacts.com because it doesn't insulte or berate, it simply says, "Here are the facts, you decide".

    I believe that is truly the best and most honest way to make ANY statement.

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