JAPAN Bethel downsizes with layoffs!

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  • slimboyfat

    What does a book business do for money when books go out of fashion?

    No really I am asking, I want to know!

  • yknot

    ......do you really want me giving them ideas?.......

    because there are still areas they could profit from those presses........

  • OnTheWayOut

    I originally stopped lurking and joined JWN so I could comment on Brooklyn Bethel layoffs. The whole thing disgusts me. I don't care if these "volunteers" cost them money and there are cheaper ways to get the job done. They are supposed to be the "Bethel Family." Family takes care of each other. They could stop taking new volunteers and cut into their profits until these people leave or die on their own. To replace them with people willing to work for free then mooch off their other JW family, that is the lowest of low for WTS. Just stab your Japanese brothers in the back.

    These guys pioneer so they can be accepted to this lifestyle. They typically don't go into the "worldly" workforces and start working toward a better life in their older years. They go to Bethel mostly for some kind of family pride or status. They expect to stay there, in most cases, for the rest of their life. When they are cast out, they start at the bottom of the employable barrel. Since they gave up college, they really have nothing to offer an employer beyond a high school education. That's not too bad if you are thirty, but still it stinks. Imagine someone in their forties having to work this hard for such a shorter time in his life (twenty years closer to retirement than his 20 year old co-workers) and make enough headway to be able to retire. How sad.

    From my ignorant understanding of Japanese culture, it is even more sad. I hope many of these ones finds their way to the door.

  • yesidid

    I was speaking to a Japanese Witness about the situation and it appears many will be laid of.

    According to a letter read to the congregations they have two new groups of Bethelites.

    1. TEMPORARY: They come to Bethel and stay from one week to three months. Can count pioneer time.

    2. PART TIME: They comute from home. Must be within an hour's driving distance. Their term can be from one week to six months.

  • potleg

    No love or compassion here, just the Iron Fist sans the velvet glove.

  • JHK

    In Spain Branch, 250 bethelites, but the Society is thinking in a small Bethel with 50 bethelites...

  • SirNose586

    Wow, that's really got to hurt for these Japanese Bethelites, if the commentary on the cultural context is accurate. Mega dittos on Fark's observation, too. I thought Jah would be speeding up the work as the end neared....? Sounds like Jah's downsizing to remain solvent for the long haul!

  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    There are any news about this?

  • Gayle

    Amazing, 2005 avg. pubs was 217,227; 2010 was 217,240. Yet, baptized during those years was 18,665. Congs. of 53 less.

    $$$$ less also???

  • ziddina


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