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  • Weeping

    Today, at almost any "heavy-metal'' rock concert one can hear the audience being exhorted to rape and murder in the name of Satan. Lyrics such as the following are typical:

    "We come bursting through your bodies
    Rape your helpless soul
    Transform you into a creature
    Merciless and cold
    We force you to kill your brother
    Eat his blood and brain
    Shredding flesh and sucking bone
    Till everyone's insane
    We are pestilent and contaminate
    The world Demonic legions prevail"
    "DEMONS" by Rigor Mortis

    Any loving parent today would be horrified and shocked to learn that their sons and daughters are eagerly listening to such evil. Perhaps though, some may think privately, "If only we could return to the 'good old days,' with the music of the Beatles." Little do most people suspect that it was with those innocent-looking Beatles, that most of the trouble started.

    Modern electronic-rock music, inaugurated in the early 1960s, is, and always has been, a joint enterprise of British military intelligence and Satanic cults. On the one side, the Satanists control the major rock groups through drugs, sex, threats of violence, and even murder. On the otherside, publicity, tours, and recordings are financed by record companies connected to British military intelligence circles. Both sides are intimately entwined with the biggest business in the world, the international drug trade.

    The so-called "rock stars" are pathetic puppets caught in a much larger scheme. From the moment they receive their first recording royalties, the groups are heavily immersed in drugs. For example, much-admired "stars'' such as John Lennon of the Beatles and Keith Richard of the Rolling Stones, were heroin addicts. Richard had to obtain blood transfusions, replacing his entire heroin-laced blood supply, in order to get a visa to enter the United States.

  • whyizit


    I am not a JW, never have been. I do have several former JW friends. From my understanding, the WTS org. is loving with strict conditions. Loving, Most of all, when they are trying to indoctrinate a new member, and after, only if you continue to jump through their WT hoops. The love and friendship often come with agendas and conditions attached.

    I can say, just like you, that the people in many of the chuches I have been involved with are very loving and have helped me also. It is true! Even though the churches have different names, styles of music, etc..., they are all part of the same body, which is Christ. No where in the Bible does it say we are to look for a perfect organization. We are to look to Jesus and follow Him. (If you rea the context of the verses quoted to support the WT org. theory, you will find that they relate to JESUS. Not an organization at alll!) Organizations are formed and run by fallible people. They make mistakes, they have agendas. They are not perfect. Jesus is.

    Sometimes we can so closely relate a religious organization to God, that we become disheartened with God when that religion fails us. But God did not fail. The people may have, but God did not. My JW friend was very upset with me for pointing out that the WTS taught Jesus came back in 1874, but now teach He returned in 1914. I asked who made the mistake. God doesn't make mistakes! It had to be a person's perception. She chewed me up one side and down the other and let me know how flawed other religions are. I should know who runs them, etc... So, I asked the obvious: Who run's the WTS? What are their names? Howmany are there? Where are they from? How were they chosen? Then, suddenely it was okay NOT to know. She could walk right past one in the KH and never know it. Is that a suitable reason for others not to know who their leaders are? Ah...see the double standard?! No religion isperfect. See who Jesus admonishes most--it is religious leaders! So concerned about rules and regulations, they have no genuine love to give those who need it most.

    The difference between the WTS and the churches I spoke of earlier, is that when I decided that I needed to move to another church, I did not lose any of my friends. I expanded them! No one ever shunned me. I can walk back in any of my former churches to open arms, and we share what has been going on in our individual lives. We don't criticize or shun one another. I didn't leave the Christian faith. I left a building of people, to go where I needed to be next. Circumstances change in our lives, so sometimes we have to go to other places for many reasons. We are not cookie cutter people. We are all different with a variety of gifts to offer. God will move us to stretch us sometimes.

    Personally, I felt very used by my JW friend. She spent lots of time with me, but I later found out it was because she was able to count our time together, our phone conversations, even our emails, as a notch in her JW time card. It made her look good to her publishing company, basically. When I showed no signs of converting (the WTS cannot offer me better than I have- a secure salvation), she dumped me. She still contacts me once in awhile, but since I cannot be counted as time on her card, we no longer go to lunch, or anything! Was that genuine love? I did not count my time with her. I truly wanted to spend time with her. Where does the Bible say we are to keep track of time spent with potential converts? Isn't that silly, when you think about it? Not very nice, when someone like me finds out about it. But I still love her and wish her the best.

    I hope you understand, that all the WTS says about other religions is not true. We are not all part of the WCC. There are many Bible-believing Christians who do not fall in the catagory of Babylon The Great. I pray Yahweh blesses you in your search.


  • nelly136

    interesting titbit on the use of satan ..................... when you say satan is worshipped for the rewards and for power over people, i think the borg has totally cashed in on this. its a recipe thats worked for centuries for many religions/sects cults. play on peoples fear and they will pay the ferry man in order to save their souls.

    article below...............

    the Fourth Lateran Council presented what the New Catholic Encyclopedia terms a "solemn profession of faith." Canon 1 states: "The devil and the other demons were created good by nature, by God, but of their own doing they became evil." It adds that they busy themselves trying to tempt mankind. This latter thought obsessed many people during the Middle Ages. Satan was behind anything that seemed unusual, such as unexplained illness, sudden death, or bad crops. In 1233 C.E., Pope Gregory IX issued several bulls against heretics, including one against Luciferians, supposed Devil worshipers.

    Belief that people could be possessed by the Devil or his demons soon gave rise to a collective paranoia—a hysterical fear of sorcery and witchcraft. From the 13th to the 17th century, fear of witches swept across Europe and reached North America with the European colonists. Even the Protestant reformers Martin Luther and John Calvin approved of witch-hunts. In Europe witch trials based on mere rumor or malicious denunciations were conducted by both the Inquisition and secular courts. Torture was commonly used to extort confessions of "guilt."

    Those found guilty could be sentenced to death either by burning or, in England and Scotland, by hanging. As to the number of victims, The World Book Encyclopedia states: "From 1484 to 1782, according to some historians, the Christian church put to death about 300,000 women for witchcraft." If Satan was behind this medieval tragedy, who were his instruments—the victims or their fanatic religious persecutors?

    oops rude of me to forget the link http://www.watchtower.org/e/20021015/article_02.htm

  • AllTimeJeff

    Weeping, you seem confused, and I think it would be best for you to spend more time being introspective. The answer you seek won't be found on the internet.

    You have a dillema, either stay with a group whose doctrines you sometimes disagree with, or leave your friends.

    I have no idea what "Satan" music has to do with your choices.


    I disagree on some doctrine with the organisation. Yet, I also know these are the kindest,most loving people on Earth. Such people must be guided by the Holy Spirit. I went out into the world when I was a teenager and in my early 20's. I began smoking and drinking. I began to have an attitude of 'what's in it for me' like all the other worldly people. I stole from my family and even dabbled in demonic rituals and Satan worship. One evening while attending l concert, i passed out after trying marijuana. I came to and could not think properly. I immediately contacted the Elders.

    I've lived a clean life since those times and I just don't want to return to that lifestyle. The world is truly a dangerous place and satan truly will devour a person. There is no love outside of the organisation.

    Thank you all. I understand what you mean. Maybe I shouldn't judge all worldly people based on those I knew. But in my experiences they all seemed so lost. Group sex, the occult and hard core drug use were the norm. You can at least admire the brothers helping us steer clear of these traps that are so easy to fall in to.

    There are some good people. At least they are 'nice'. But what is the motivation? You would be shocked at the number of Satanists in the world. There are lawyers, businessmen, even deacons who engage is satan worship and sex perversions behind closed doors.

    A few more words on this. Why do I think Satan worship is so attractive to people? Well, the devil can give a person many things. Money, power, career success, sexual gratification. When you have the opportunity for these things it's very easy to think only short term. The people engaging in this seem like good decent people. So it's easy to think whats the harm in engaaging in Satan worship? You see what I mean?.....Weeping

    Those are your previous posts..

    You have experimented with Satan Worship..And..Demonic Rituals..

    In your world..

    Group sex,the occult and hard core drug use were normal..

    You Claim Satanists are everywhere..

    You were and are,Obsessed with Evil and had no problem experimenting with it..


    Now you say..

    Your Afraid of Sex..



    Anyone with at least 1 brain cell.

    Will find most of what you say,Questionable..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • shamus100


    See what drugs do to people?


    For Shamus..

    Who can`t find a Thread unless there a Bananna on it!..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • AllTimeJeff

    It wasn't this one Outlaw... Seriously. There was one weirder then this...

    I do like Molson Golden. Thats good stuff...


    Dam ATJ..

    Your 1/2 Canadian already!

    Toss an "Eh" into every sentence and your good to go..


  • AllTimeJeff

    Outlaw, I lived in Michigan for 10 years. We were waiting for you dam Canucks to annex the state! Eh?

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