Just don't know what to do.

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  • BurnTheShips

    Hi Weeping, and welcome to the board.

    I agree with you that there are many loving, wonderful people in the JWs.

    I had some wonderful friends there. Many I knew since I was a small child.

    I miss many of them a great deal. I weep for one that is in Bethel that is like a brother to me. I haven't spoken to him in years, and my conscience bothers me because I haven't at least tried to tell him what I have learned about the "truth". I admire him so much that I don't want to disappoint him and pain him. I need to get the courage to call him.

    Leaving the JWs was like leaving a family. But I just couldn't do it anymore! I just couldn't. It was killing me. I finally was able to help my wife see the light. She has been affected even more by losing a circle of friends than I. She is a more social person.

    Don't be afraid, Weeping. I have found out that the world is full of wonderful people. There are so many! They are all kinds of beliefs and nonbeliefs. Some of them I've worked with, some I have met in church, others through common interests. The beauty of it is that now I can be friends with anyone I want, I don't have to avoid associating with people that are not members of the JWs. I've made new friends over the last few years from among these people I've been lucky enough to meet, and I am astonished at their goodness, especially since none of them have a tight knit organization constantly policing them and telling them to do the right thing. What good they do they do out of the goodness of their hearts. That is a more real goodness than you will usually find in a high control group.

    I have a new family of friends. They actually take interest in my well being, and I in theirs. I feel loved by them, and I love them in turn.

    Don't be discouraged, reach out.


  • snowbird
    I'm a woman.

    I thought so, hence my reference to avocado and mule pee (testosterone).

    Some of the finest folk can be found in "the world."

    Some of the nastiest folk can be found in the JW's.



  • Weeping

    Some of the finest folk can be found in "the world"

    There are some good people. At least they are 'nice'. But what is the motivation? You would be shocked at the number of Satanists in the world. There are lawyers, businessmen, even deacons who engage is satan worship and sex perversions behind closed doors.

  • Weeping

    A few more words on this. Why do I think Satan worship is so attractive to people? Well, the devil can give a person many things. Money, power, career success, sexual gratification. When you have the opportunity for these things it's very easy to think only short term. The people engaging in this seem like good decent people. So it's easy to think whats the harm in engaaging in Satan worship? You see what I mean?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Weeping - Welcome.

    You seem quite obsessed with 'Satan worship'. Most people have never actually met a 'Satan worshipper'. You seem to be overlaying the Jw perspective on the term - that anyone who believes differently than those whom you accept as 'God worshippers' is actually submitting to Satan? Is that your view? Just trying to understand from where you come.

    Sex 'perversions' is another highly subjective label you use. Who sets the standard in this matter? What is perversion?

    You spice most of your concerns heavily with judgement, not objectivity, from what I am able to discern. You seem focused on classing people, putting them in cubbyholes of judgement that you have created. Perhaps much of this is the Jwism still lingering.

    I left the Jw's 6 years ago. I have met many fine people since then. Not a single one of them seems to be a sexual pervert nor a Satan worshiper. It seems very unlikely that a significant portion of human culture is made up of those people, just as unlikely that a high percentage of humankind would be murderers.

    Some Jws are nice people. I dare say that some of them are likely sexually perverted also. The percentage is probably fairly low, as it likely is with society in general.

    The wts has injected you with a false perspective on some things perhaps?


  • poppers

    I've been a "worldly" person my entire life and I've yet to come across any satan worshipers. You make it sound like most worldly people live immoral or amoral lives when you say there are "some" good people in the world outside the religion. Being indoctrinated the way you were perhaps you looked for evil people when you made your exit. Your expectations were influenced by WT teaching so you didn't see the good around you, and only sought what was "bad" because you were brainwashed into thinking that's all there was. You attracted into your life what you expected and then just went along with who you brought into your sphere of association. It's like simply giving in and saying "Oh well, since I'm in the world I may as well play the part," and so you did. It doesn't take a religion to have common sense and avoid those kinds of people and simply open your eyes to the beauty around you and see the basic goodness of most people.

  • nelly136

    is it a culture or country thing in the area you're from?

    when you say satanists are you referring to 'satanists' or anyone who has a different belief to jws thereby satan worshippers by default?

  • cyberjesus

    Weeping: Welcome, just hang tight. I was exactly like you 4 months. Keep reading, keep studying and it will get better. Thats why this website is for. Keep your mind open.

    Paulapollos: Am glad you are here my friend. I like what you write. Post your full experience soon, we need it.

  • Weeping

    Ak-Jeff, you said most people have never met a stan worshipper. I disagree. You may not be aware that you met one, but you most certainly have met one.


  • nelly136

    for some reason my browser will not connect to that page, can you copy n paste please

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