Who do you pray when you feel the need to pray if you dont believe in God?

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  • cyberjesus

    Sometimes when we face difficult situations I feel the need to pray to God for help, and I know that plenty of times the sole act of praying makes you feel hope and have a better outcome of the situation. You can call it suggestive or that you prepare a positive scenario by using faith. The outcome is that regardless if there is someone who listens or not to your prayers oftentimes you feel better afterwards and have more positive attitude.

    the problem is that I dont believe in God anymore. But just this morning I felt the need to pray for help in getting out of this depressive mode that from time to time I still get into since Im relatively new to this "new world"

    So what do you do? For those of you who have been free from the Matrix, what do you do when you feel the need the help of a superior being? How did you manage to find comfort somewhere else?

  • leavingwt

    George Carlin suggested praying to Joe Pesci. Why? "He looks like a guy who can get stuff done!"

  • cantleave

    For me the need to pray used to arise from uncertainty. Rather than pray, I now ponder the situation, and try undertsand the reasons for my uncertainty, formulate the questions I need to ask and formulate solutions.

  • hamsterbait

    This is acually a very DEEP question.

    I no longer believe in the Witchtower god. Yet I cannot believe in any of the other deities who have been presented to me, as passed down from eons of ignorance.

    Nevertheless, I am convinced that our universe is at work, perhaps making sense of itself. I am convinced that I have received great benevolence, for whatever reason or purpose.

    I am strongly moved by the words of Christ, and live in hope because of that. BUT...

    If the microbes at the bottom of Big Ben in London could reason, could they work out what they are looking at? Why it is?

    I am here, I can discount my life as meaningless, or asssign it a purpose.

    When I die, perhaps I shall understand. Perhaps not.

    I think the best part of growing old is that you lose your fear of death. Then these questions dont seem to be as important as they used to .

    Yet still, I pray. It gives me a clarity, and changes ME for the better.


  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    For what its worth. My thoughts are that no human knows or as ever truly known God . All we have are imaginations about a creator and that is all we have had.

    Therefore it seems to me that the only re-course we have is to speak to the originator of all or the first cause and to maybe think of that as a divine spirit. At the same time accepting that we have not got any surety about the whys and wherefores. So in the end what I can't change or do anything about I say to the Orignator whether it be a spirit or nature, " please help I will leave everything up to you now ,I have done all I can and have done that which seems to be correct. I am completely in your care because as the first cause you are my only option ."

    Maybe it's still imagination but what else have we got?

  • nicolaou
    So what do you do when you feel the need the help of a superior being? How did you manage to find comfort somewhere else?

    I understand how you feel, really I do. I felt lost after I stopped meeting attendance and actually prayed more than ever (yes this atheist still believed for a few short years after dubdom).

    But. After realising that no-one was listening I treated prayer as a weakness, a failing. Each time I refused to pray I felt stronger. Think of it as an alcoholic giving up drink. I'll be your buddy if you like!


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    i have not prayed nor felt the need to since the day i left them. I came to see it as no more benefit than talking to the ceiling. I can get the same results from talking to myself and reasoning over matters.

    Thoughts determine what you want, actions determine what you get.


  • megaflower

    I do not pray. I'am the one that I look to. I was fooled for decades, never again.

  • pixiesticks

    Lance Armstrong writing about the night before he underwent brain surgery:

    ". . . I never prayed a lot. I hoped hard, I wished hard, but I didn't pray."

  • cyberjesus

    Thanks to all of you for all of your replies.

    Leaving: That was funny. At least it made me laugh.

    cantleave: How about desperation? It can also lead you to look for help. And sometimes it is after thinking of a solution and not being able to find the answer that desperation kicks in.

    Hamster: Who do you pray to?

    Edmond: Thanks

    Nic: Actually I m not use to pray. I havent pray for a long time. But for some strange reason I felt the need to ask for help

    Oz: I love your quote.

    Megaflower: Did you ever felt the need?

    pixie: I should hope and wish hard then

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