Who do you pray when you feel the need to pray if you dont believe in God?

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  • carpediem

    I dont pray but sometimes when in a difficult situation I find myself starting to pray. Old habits die hard! This happened recently. I teach and had to face a particularly rowdy group of 17 year olds. Before walking into the classroom I automatically started to pray and then thought 'shit that wont work'. So I prayed (jokingly) to a teddy bear attached to my car keys, 'please keep these kids quite and listening to me for the next hour, amen'. The class ran smoothly and no one messed about or gave me any problems. So I am praying to purple teddy bears from now on !!

  • chickpea

    like others said, i find that the more i come to appreciate
    the dynamic evolving nature of the universe, the less i
    turn to deity... i do not find my life meaningless in the
    absence of a god...

    quiet the contrary... it is exhilarating to realize in the
    face of freedom that my choices in life are guided by me...
    with input/support from people whose own life course inspire me,
    of course...

    it's a process

  • PrimateDave

    I no longer pray, but I sometimes feel the need to meditate. Many religions encourage forms of meditation practice, and I think certain types of prayer could be seen as meditation and vice versa.

  • Quillsky

    Every now and then I speak to the universe.

    "Dear universe. As you well know, everything is in balance. What goes around comes around. So please let what's due to me come around soon."

    Of course that doesn't help because the universe can't be reached by prayer. It just carries on. But what goes around does come around eventually.

  • Chalam

    Hi CJ,

    Great name BTW!

    Sometimes when we face difficult situations I feel the need to pray to God for help

    That is a natural instinct and not purely a cultural or historically learned response IMHO.

    the problem is that I dont believe in God anymore. But just this morning I felt the need to pray for help in getting out of this depressive mode that from time to time I still get into since Im relatively new to this "new world"

    Maybe you just don't believe in the "God" of the WT any more? Just because the WT teach a false, mute god, God doesn't cease to exist! You just have to look elsewhere.

    So what do you do? For those of you who have been free from the Matrix, what do you do when you feel the need the help of a superior being? How did you manage to find comfort somewhere else?

    You have taken the red pill instead of the blue WT pill. However, there are other red and blue pill choices coming your way.



  • Snoozy

    I start out "God , if you're there..."


    If I need to talk...I find someone to talk to, someone who can talk me through it and help me out.

    But, I can count on one hand the number of times I prayed in my last couple of years before I left. Before that, it was rare (like 1-3 times a year)

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    I think the best part of growing old is that you lose your fear of death.

    Is that really true?

  • littlebird

    Paul, you have a pm.

  • cyberjesus

    Paul: Dont fear death, fear life :-)

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