Who do you pray when you feel the need to pray if you dont believe in God?

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  • Twitch

    what chickpea said

    I don't need to pray or acknowledge a god anymore. It was a one way conversation anyways,...

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    A coupla years back I had a sinus infection that got so bad fluid had backed up behind my left eye. After a day and half they were ready to do surgery. It was a trying day cause they said it would be late morning than afternoon, finally they took me down for surgery at 5:30 pm. Now mind you I had not eaten all day nor the night before.

    Once in the or prep I waited in their for another 2 hrs. I thought to myself while waiting 'now is the time someone with faith would pray.' But I am not a hypocrite nor would I pretend in a time of need to exercise faith in that which I dont believe.

    THAN I started to think...I thought abour how the SIth deal with pain and suffering. The Sith unlike the jedi do not use healing trances or techniques. The sith use pain and suffering to make them stronger in the force. A womb or blow to the Sith is turned around and used as a weopon.

    While mediatating on these things I felt a calm come over me. Yes, I shyt you not, thinking about my Sith persona and the ways that the sith use the force brought me more comfort than any prayer I ever made to Jehovah.

    Its not who or what you pray to its the strength of YOUR OWN THOUGHTS AND CONVICTIONS that drives it!

  • beksbks
    If I need to talk...I find someone to talk to, someone who can talk me through it and help me out.

    This is exactly it. Sometimes when you discuss your fears and concerns with loved ones, you find they lose their potency. Running them around in your own mind, can really make them seem more important or overwhelming. Sometimes just voicing what has had me in the grips of depression just sounded so ridiculous, I had to laugh. My family tends to handle a lot of tough situations with humor. It really helps to talk to someone who can not only relate to your fear/problem, but can laugh with you, and even give you a little kick in the pants when needed.

    I read a lot of health info, and I remember reading that the best thing you can do for your health, is interact with at least a few friends several times a week. Also, I find exercise to really help with a feeling of well being.

    my .02

    Now can someone do something about my back??

  • cyberjesus

    Twitch : I like that : I dont pray, it is a one way conversation anyway :-)

    Darth: Haha thats funny, so may the force be with you doesnt go with you uh?

    Beks: Thanks I like your suggestions, Whats the problem with your back?

  • cry

    I think it's like when you have counselling. It's not that they give you advice or tell you what to do - it's that they LISTEN. This, to me is how you feel when you pray and I never pray now as I don't think there is anyone there. The last time I truly prayed was when there was a chemical attack on the Iraq kurds from their own rulers (Sadam) - it absolutely shattered me to see those beautiful children lying in their mother's arms - obviously just going abut their business. I was so distressed I didn't know what to do, so I prayed for them because I felt I had to do something. If God was there, he obviously watche dit all in more detail than my 6 O'clock censored news edition - so why wasn't he moved the same as me?

  • cyberjesus
  • Satanus

    I often attempt to harmonize myself w the communal subconsciousness, ala carl jung. It's an attempt to see things from a nuetral perspective, see where i fit in, what opportunities i have. Sometimes i call to a relative who has passed. Not sure how useful or trustworthy that is.


  • Satanus

    Hey frosty. You should check out the netti pot. It's an indian little teapot type of thing that they use to flush out the sinus. Works great and no surgery needed. I had an infection after sinus surgery, and it took care of that. 'Course, sith have they own ways...


  • NewYork44M

    When I learned the "truth about the truth," I quit praying because I was afraid that my prayer might actually be answered. I had such a vested interest in my beliefs that the future frightened me.

    Now, I wish that I could rely on a supernatural force, but my logic tells me otherwise. My days of mysticism is over.

    I am not sure that that is a good thing or a bad thing, it just is...

  • designs

    Some friends gatheried on the beach a few months ago all with Drums and a nice Full Moon. They didn't get world peace but they all had fun.

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