JWS is a fraud...

by vilot 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • Quillsky

    Simon is permitting and even contributing to a discussion about another ex site. Must be getting soft in your old age, man

  • Bubblie

    As a top poster on this board many times, I could not let this pass. Thank you, vilot for your apology. There has been much posted on the JWS about this subject, as well. April & Wes have had their problems, some of us have given a little to help them out over last year. I have found comfort there with new friends & relationships. It is smaller than this one & people are understanding without being critical over what you say. I left this board because of my former husband beening on here with his woman. Many may only know of the situation but I felt time to leave the board to them. I have taken my posts to JWS, in hopes that I could say whatever I like without getting evil PMs. I want others to know I am happy now & living a life of fun & adventure. I could not have done this without a divorce & getting out of the borg. I have found the support I needed & will stay there. They are a great bunch of ex dubs. Even the believers are friendly there! Kit

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