JWS is a fraud...

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    $1,000 donations in one year and $71 a month in google ads is not alot of money.

    By my reckoning that's $1852 a year, or $154.33 a month or $35.62 a week gross turnover. Take off the expense of running the site, you're not left with much. If April was going to attempt to fraud i would imagine that she could think of something more lucrative than setting up an ex jw site.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    This thread needs to be pulled. It's blatant slander and legal action could be taken if the affected parties so choose.

  • cofty
    it dawned on the members they were just pocketing the money and holding the members hostage..."Send money or the site will go down"...they kept sending and they kept pocketing the money...Avoid these people like the plage they will just rip you off and pocket the money...

    Vilot - This is libel.

    Where is your evidence of the amount of donations that have been received and how they have been used?

    April and Wes work hard to keep the forum online, I do not believe they are making any profit at all.

    It is a very good and supportive community, not nearly as busy as here, I enjoy the wide range of views, debate and experiences here but JWS provides a very valuable service. The automatic "Fraud" notices are as result of a switch of server this weekend.

    Do you have an account at JWS? Under what name?

    Provide evidence to back up your malicious attack or withdraw it and apologise.

  • Simon

    I don't think it's right to accuse people of being a fraud unless you know for sure. The most you should do is maybe voice concerns if you think something isn't right.

    Ultimately though, it is for individuals to decide if they want to contribute to a site or not based on how much they know of the people, how long they have been around, whether they think the story makes sense etc... Certainly, there are lots of people that make up sob-stories of hardship on the internet and would be willing to take people's money - it's always best to be careful.

    I can't comment on the hosting, I thought this was what they used:


    Ultra-low-cost phpBB hosting is what someone was recommending for this site - the fact that it's apparently been down so often and has lost data just proves that maybe you get what you pay for and is one of the reasons we've stuck with the hosting we have. It's more expensive but I think worth it.

    I find that the Google ads (now) cover the cost of the site hosting which is why I never ask for donations anymore. I didn't really like asking for them when they didn't though - people would ask if they could help support the site and it was appreciated but I think if I make the decision to run a site then it's my responsibility and I shouldn't put any kind of pressure on people to contribute. Just my own opinion / experience.

  • WTWizard

    Here is the deal with the money: Hosting costs are just one thing that the forum owners have to deal with. You might think $60 is enough--it is $60 per month, or $720 a year (not including problems they have with double billing because of trying to dump a bad host). You have to add to this the cost of electricity, Internet access, and yes the computer itself. It costs money to buy computers--a decent computer costs more than $600 (and, I understand they have had one computer conk out on them). That is part of the cost of running a forum--you can only go to the library so long when you are the forum owner, and most employers do not allow that much computer time off work before they get suspicious that work that is work is not getting done.

    To add to all these extra expenses, I would like to see anyone that is whining about the "fraud(??)" try setting up your own forum. Just see how long it takes to iron out technical issues. They have spent many all-nighters trying to get to the bottom of technical problems so they do not become regular issues. They do not want their forum going down every time someone tries to log on, and that is a lot of work. This involves having to dig through possibly millions of lines of code to find the problems, and hours of dealing with hosts that are dogging their job of keeping them up and running. They have other things to do with their time--and it is not unfair if they are making a small profit from donations and ad clicks.

    As for their money, it is extremely tight for them. They have six children to raise, and a limited income. That is why some of the bills are not getting paid on time--and why they need ongoing help. As for the hosting, if they get this month's $60 paid off only to lose their home or Internet connection because they fall too far behind on those things, they might not have enough to even have the means to get next month's hosting bill paid (even if they had the money). It would be one thing if they were very rich and had all the time in the world to play around with computer programs and deal with hosts that are the real ripoffs. But, they are struggling financially and have 6 children to watch, and I definitely think they should be commended, not bashed, for their fine effort in getting a fine site up and running.

    Which will, I am sure, be more appreciated if anything happens to Simon and he is forced to close this site down for real or if the witlesses start suing this board to close it down. The more of these sites that are up and running, and active, the harder a time the witlesses are going to have to shut all of them down. Also, the greater the chances that a potential study is going to land on one of them while researching, and learn the real truth about the "truth(??)".

  • vilot

    I apologize for my accusations I made here about JWS. I was completely out of line.

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  • LockedChaos


    Though it started our really, really bad

    You just sacked up and did the right thing

    I now have Zero

    else to say this Day

    Clean side up

    Dirty side down

  • Snoozy

    So TMD hosting has a special now for apr $4. a month,

    That IS their hosting company..

    Gotta agree with Finally Free on this one tho..

    No one is forced to contribute..


  • slimboyfat

    Don't know anything about JWS, but Simon is the man for running this site so well!

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