Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 1-17-10 WT Study (PLACE IN CONGREGATION)

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  • ziddina

    Jgnat, you said, "I found paragraph eight interesting. One sister pioneered, the other went to work. The difference is described as "desire"....."

    Ooooh, Yeah! "Desire"!!!! BUZZ-word!

    "As an outsider, I did not see anything in that paragraph that states that one condition is superior to the other. It's simply implied...."

    Regulation by implication. This is a very cowardly, passive-aggressive way of controlling people; someone else on-board uses the term "weasel words" [from Steve Hassan??]. This is EXACTLY the technique they've used in the past when going out on that proverbial 'limb', such as when they generated the pre-1975 hysteria...

    "Hubby caught on to the coded message, and spoke at length how much better one sister's choice was to the other. [he snapped into the correct, pre-programmed "judgement" mentality when exposed to the "buzz" word...] ... [Jgnat replied, ] "Why? The other sister will be able to pay to fix her teeth and save for her retirement...."

    And as Shopaholic said, "They fail to mention that the pioneering sister uses her pioneering as cause [explanation, entitlement...] to have the working sister pay her bills and discretionary expenses. "You know I'm pioneering."...If I had a dollar for every time I heard that! Or it's not mentioned how others in the congregation asks the working sister for loans to pay their bills or catch up on their mortgage...."

    I would hope that this hypothetical 'sister' who went immediately to work full-time is saving her money and planning on going to college or community college to further increase her earning abilities... And that she puts NO money into the contribution boxes!!

    Zid $$ $$

  • ziddina

    Blondie, "No, zid, she was 55...."

    My jaw just HIT the flooooor.... Did she at least have the figure for it???

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