Helping my new buddy Malcom out.

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  • Prisca
    Trust me.

    My father used to tell me not to trust men that said "trust me"... hmmm...

    Oh what the heck! I still luv ya Dave!!

    BTW, have you got any younger bros?

  • DannyBear


    I needed that, the pinch I mean. Nothing more complementary to a man, than to have a woman unsolicited (in may case blatant begging) give you a pinch. Of course vice versa is not so cool.

    Bearhugs back to you (!(!(!(!(!Lilacs!)!)!)!)!)


    That was the most cold hearted, devastating thing, I have ever witnessed. Now I will have to shore up my buddy Dave's fallen crest, you really know how to hurt a guy eh?

    How young are you talkin here Pris? Dave is younger than me, so he'll be ok.


  • seven006

    I thought this thread had died. Big hug back at'ch Lilacs.

    I hate those bastards who made the words "trust me" have the negative meaning it is supposed to have.
    It makes nice guys like me look bad. Oh well, ya use what ya got.

    Big hug little sister.


    I have a crest? Why didn't I know that? Where is it? Can I hawk it for a nice 30 year old scotch? If I can will you help me drink it?

    Ya big lug!


  • Prisca

    Hey Danny,

    It could have been worst - I could have asked Dave if I could go out with one of his sons!!!

    Actually Danny, do you have any younger bros (or sons for that matter?)

  • DannyBear
    DannyBear are wench with no shame!


    Sorry no son's. Dave got em all.

    I tried but my feminine side of the gene pool was stronger. Please don't tell Dave, he already has declined a hug from me, and will now only shake my hand.


  • onacruse

    Alan Flowerbacker???


    Dave, great post, my friend...a little raspy for my tastes, but, what the heck, eh?


  • Xandria
    I type and type and pour my heart out trying to teach you people how to be a proper smart ass and I don't ask for anything back. When I think you finally got it you come back with arm pit jokes.


    We all should get a stand up routine at Comedy Central. ..But what would we call it ?

    X< Gradeated from the Smart Ass Come University also known as SAC U.

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