Belated Introduction

by LittleSister 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Welcome to the light side!

    Your family has a bright future ahead.


  • LittleSister

    cantleave surely birthday cards come first

  • Balsam

    Welcome Little Sister sounds like you made a good escape.

    Ruth Baker

  • megaflower

    Welcome. Looking forward to your future posts.

  • mouthy

    Welcome Little Sister ...How wonderful that you escaped together....
    So many are parted when just ONE realizes it is NOT the truth
    Thanks for joining the board your story is uplifting to us who have family
    still in bondage ,that shun us & still believes they must obey the old men at Bethel

  • cantleave

    cantleave surely birthday cards come first

    Of course they do!!!

  • LittleSister

    Thanks Mouthy I think our family have been truely lucky to escape although some are still trapped.

  • awildflower

    I didn't just know what I was reading was right I felt it. It was like my instincts all along had been screaming this is wrong and now I could listen to them.

    I like how you said that. Our intuition is so powerful. In fact that's how a gage things now, how they make me feel not how something is written or said. I never felt more free being out either. It was like breathing fresh air for the first time. Welcome to the site and I'm so glad your kids are not going to have to endure the control of the wt org. Good job!

  • flipper

    LITTLE SISTER- You sound like a really cool person . You express your thoughts very well and are a good writer. Great to have you here my friend ! I too was the 4th of 4 JW children born and raised in the witnesses, got out 6 years ago, never been happier. From what you wrote you have been through a lot of different experiences - many of which I'm sure helped you to finally make up your mind to exit the witness cult for good. Good for you ! I'm glad your children won't be raised in the witnesses

  • Chalam

    Hi LS and welcome!

    2. Keep my family as far away from the Org as poss

    For sure but education is better. Let people know that the truth, is the truthâ„¢ is not The Truth

    6. Get rid of all JW literature (poison)

    Agreed. However, getting rid of the mind clutter is not so easy without The Truth

    8. Look forward to the birth of my second baby happy in the knowledge that I won't risk dying in the process due to lack of blood

    Amen :)



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