Belated Introduction

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  • LittleSister

    Thanks for all your warm welcomes.

    Stephen I agree keeping my family safe will also involve some degree of education about why the Org isn't God channel on earth. I want my children to be able to reason for themselves and not just take things on face value.

    Yes getting rid of the literature is one thing, but years of indoctrination will take a longer time to remove. One personal example was how hard I found it to reject the blood doctrine, however, by talking to medical professionals and reading up on the subject I found that the doctrine could not be supported. Education and discussion are great healing tools as well as time.

  • lisavegas420

    Thank you for sharing your story and welcome.\

    I did really try and it wasn't that I didn't believe I just couldn't meet the grade. I always felt there must be something wrong with me;.......

    I remember asking my mom.."do retarded people KNOW they are retarded?" She said.."I think they probably know they are different."

    Well.......I KNEW I was different.

    I loved when I learned what cognitive dissonance was.


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