Preliminary report: 58 JWs died in Haiti

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  • cantleave

    Peacelilly - I hope things turn out well for your friend.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I have a question re the 'lorry loads' of supplies...Are they giving the impression that the WT pays for these from contributions..? As I recall a disaster some years ago (sorry, can't recall where) and our local Kingdom Hall (and I'm assuming many others) all made up boxes of basic supplies to be sent out - individual JWs buying the necessary products, so the only 'cost' (if any) to the WTBTS was the transport.

  • tenyearsafter
    tenyearsafter much relief money has been sent to Haiti to help even the JW's there?? We already know that virtually no help has gone to the general populace. My guess is that the WTS waits for all of the "worldly" and "Babylonish" relief agencies spend their resources on the victims...including JW's.

    My reading of the Bible indicates that Jesus always took care of people's physical needs before preaching to them...

    Would accepting aid by a JW from World Vision, Salvation Army or Smaritan's Purse be cause for a JC??...after all, they are part of Babylon the Great! Or is it ok to be selective in what you feed on from the table of demons?...

  • purplesofa

    An email I just got.


    Things are still chaotic down here. We are doing all we can here at the Branch. Reports are starting to come in from the congregations. So far there's been 66 of our brothers and sisters reported dead. Many injured any many are now homeless. There is a first aid station that has been set up in the Assembly Hall. The DR Branch has sent a couple of trucks with supplies and last night they got through with some doctors and surgeon. THey are setting up a simple operation room to treat anyone who comes.

    There are 3 KH that we know of that have collapsed and are unusable. The newer Halls are serving as bases for the local congregations and brothers. We were able to send out care packages of food, water and supplies to 400 families at the Halls yesterday afternoon. THere will be intense efforts today to send out more.

    The level of destruction is incredible. It's like from a disaster movie. People have had to bury their dead loved ones in common graves, or just holes in their yard as there are no morgues, caskets or funeral homes operating. There is much concern over disease as there are hundreds of corpses in the streets. I am attaching some photos from Wednesday.

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