Were There Any JW Doctrines Or Beliefs That You Found Confusing?

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    NEWFLASH! Jesus is not the Son of God! When did this happen? It is the essence of Christianity. Now it is more like Scientology. Jesus always appealed to me. Was I so stupid that I believed He was God's son but not incarnate in the 1950s ,60s and early 70s. This is earth shaking news.

    WOW! Does anyone know this outside of the Witnesses? It should put a very large damper on recruitment. What about Paul's letters and John 1.

    I am confounded. All this time I assumed they were adoptionist. That Jesus was not God the father but so evolved that God made him his Son.

    Why are they getting nuttier? Whose influence does this reflect?

  • cattails

    That an infant can stay seated quietly for two hours.

    And if they cry or get squirmy they get "disciplined".

    Now that's something I never quite understood.

  • NewChapter

    That an infant can stay seated quietly for two hours.

    My daughter was 2 when I first started going to meetings. So, she didn't even have the benefit of being trained "from infancy". I wasn't a heavy disciplinarian, so when she got fidgety, I would just take her out of the room. I would even take her outside on warm days. I would be frustrated to tears sometimes, and take nothing in at the meeting, having spent the entire time trying to keep a normal toddler subdued.

    I didn't give it all much thought until a sister mentioned something she thought would help me keep my child from distrupting the meeting. DISRUPTING? That really stung. Here, I had a reputation. I even asked, "you think she is disruptive????" That sister nodded. The struggle continued. It was hard enough without the judgement, and now the knowledge, that everyone was watching. It wasn't like she was yelling out. She would get antsy, I'd take her out of the main room. Whatever. I certainly was not going to beat her. F them. It's over now. And my daughter was not disruptive. She was well behaved, and she never embarrassed me in public. Unfortunately, to them, she was normal and not a little zombie. I didn't have the heart to "break" her. She's 23 now, and I still like her. Disruptive--bullsh*t.


    One doctrine that I can't believe is still promoted is 'Lying for the Truth'.

    God says over and over and over again that he hates liars. How could anyone buy into that truck load of bs?


    ps- Satan in aka 'the Father of lies'

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Lying for the Truth. Yes. Often commented on within my family.

    My little sister was only two or three when we attended a large convention in Novia Scotia, such a beautiful province. A Behtelite was sitting next to us with his girlfriend. I was only about nine but I knew he was a bit too chummy with her for a Bethelite. Few Bethelites married then. L. brushed her chubby feet against the seat in front of her. The boredom. Toys can not be brought to distract. She was so cute and dressed in "little girl." The Bethelite took off his belt and handed it to my mom. We sat in horror. No words of rebuke or admonition. Straight to the belt and a savage beating. My mom, raised a JW, took the belt and barely touched my sister and gave it back.

    This memory has stayed with me for decades. Are Bethelites allowed children now? I doubt it. This is not strict behavior; it is pathological behavior. Besides, children don't have the same brain capacities as an adult. It is sort of like taking your pet hamster to KH and expecting it to know every doctrine. Recent studies indicate that teenagers do, indeed, lack full brains which accounts for much of teenage behavior.

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