Were There Any JW Doctrines Or Beliefs That You Found Confusing?

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  • Quillsky

    I could never explain or understand, and neither can most Jehovah's Witnesses, why we were permitted to celebrate anniversaries but not birthdays (which are simply a type of anniversary).

    Yes, John the Baptizer (!) was beheaded at a birthday party. So what? Jesus was murdered on a hill. Should climbing hills be banned?

  • Sapphy

    Birthdays, and anything to do with Cedar Point Ohio.

  • minimus

    Hill climbing= wearing a cross around your neck.

  • Quillsky

    And reporting field service hours.

    Where exactly in the Bible is that again?

  • Oceanblue

    I was consfused about everything really, but esp. the dates. Trying to learn about the events surrounding 1914 last December is when things started unraveling for me. How the Gibeonites are the modern day "other sheep" of the JWs. I used to have so many index cards stuck in my Bible and Reasoning book to help my find scriptures to prove the trinty is false, b-days, holidays, ect. I could never keep it straight and I just ended up looking foolish anyway.

  • minimus

    The Given Ones

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I find kind of confusing the doctrine of letting "things in God's hands for him to resolve", as opposed to taking anyone who broke some law to the courts.

    I know that following this biblical mandate is the reason why some have neglected to report all sorts of abuse perpetrated by another JW. I don't agree with that stance.

    Yeah, I find that kind of confusing. However, some time ago, there was a letter read in the congregation that stated that sexual predators were to be reported to the local authorities so that they face the punishment. I sincerely hope it was read worldwide and that they flock listened.


  • Open mind
    Open mind


    Not for "True Christians".

    God made the little buggers, but don't you dare intentionally let one get on you or you're not properly honoring the God-given symbol of life.

  • LongHairGal

    What I found confusing or unacceptable: I never accepted when they applied fulfilled prophecy to themselves and I felt this was straining credibility; the resurrection teaching and who will or will not marry; when they applied the terms spirit directed to themselves - I wondered just how did the spirit communicate to them? The famous generation teaching which is now being rehashed yet again; who or what is the faithful slave; what is going to happen on the earth just after armageddon comes and how could there be any kind of order with no technology - because presumably everything will have been destroyed? I also never accepted that I was responsible for other people being 'saved'. Who then is responsible for me being saved?

    So many of their beliefs are an insult to anybody's intelligence

  • minimus

    Oral sex between husband and wife is wrong.

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