Were There Any JW Doctrines Or Beliefs That You Found Confusing?

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  • Edington

    I never understood why everything had to have a 'Type' & 'Antitype'.

    The explanations given in the 'Revelation' book seemed to bring all the heavenly majesty described down to earth with a thump, as they tried to tie it in with the insignicant history of Jehovah's Witnessess.

    The locusts of Revelation were the Watchtower & Awake magazines bringing condemnation on to Christendom.

    Never understood the importance given to the 'Cedar Point Ohio' convention.


  • jookbeard

    The"generation" would also confuse me now, 2 others would be The"Sacred Secret" mainly because I never paid much attention to it, and the "types and anti types" from Revelation

  • Heaven

    Also the door to door work and everyone has to do it.

    A few years ago I was in a store in Streetsville, Ontario. An older Portugese woman came in with the Watchtower literature. She handed the magazine to the shop owner. She couldn't speak English. She just kept pointing to the magazine. I thought to myself "Why are they sending someone out on service who cannot even talk to people?" The shop owner waited 'til she left and then turned to me and said "She comes in from time to time. I just take her magazines and throw them in the trash once she's gone." This is witnessing? Kinda pathetic.

  • kurtbethel

    The bit about Jesus being an angel and the pope and Abaddon was a bit too much for me.

  • Mysterious

    I never really understood the 1914 thing...from 607bc...or why the 144,000 thing was literal...and how the blood thing still applied but not fractions..

  • designs

    Most of the issues that have defined the Society in terms of doctrine and ecclesiastical authority are the same isses that the Catholics, Protestants, and Unitarians debated during the Reformation. The Beat goes on

  • slipnslidemaster
  • carla

    The whole damn org I found confusing! as a non jw opposer from the beginning I wasted too many years trying to understand and make any rational sense of this destructive cult, trying to find a way to reach my jw biblicaly, doctrinally, scandals, you name it I've been there. Thing is, jw's don't care about truth or God so ......

  • slipnslidemaster
  • TD

    I realize this is an old thread, but I just thought of a JW doctrine that confused the hell out of me.

    The idea is that Jesus is the "Avenger of blood" and we (Humankind) are the "Unintentional manslayer." We must flee to the "Antitypical city of refuge" so the avenger of blood doesn't kill us.

    This makes the relationship of the believer with Jesus essentially adversarial in nature, which is so wrong-headed and backwards that it is arguably not even Christian.

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