"Secret Watchtower" - No, there is NO Secret Watchtower

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    "If a newbie walks into the KH on a given sunday, he's given a copy.

    Someone said that KM is only for active publishers. Wrong. People attending on a regular basis and children are also given one."

    Both of these statements are incorrect. Most congregations do not order enough of the Kool Aid versions to have extras on hand for newbies. In fact, many times the publisher who misses a lot of meetings ends up having to look on with someone else because the lit counter runs out before he gets his. And the KM is for publishers only. If a child gets one it is because the kid's reporting service time.

  • winstonchurchill

    Mad Sweeney, I'm too tired (or to lazy) to look up the reference, but the KM-s Instructions clearly state that non-publishers that regularly attend, as well as non-publisher young ones can have a copy. I personally give every month a KM to people that attend but are not publishers yet. Maybe Blondie (the queen of WT research) can help me here.

    As for the study Watchtower, you are right in that some congos don't have enough. furthermore, some elders are kind of militant about the study issue being for JW's only. But since that's not the official instruction, in many congregations a small supply of spares is kept for visitors. In any case the point I was trying to make is that either publication is secret; they are just 'intended' for JW's, but can be given to those making progress and attending (sorry, I have to go puke after repeating that WT jargoon)

  • hamsterbait

    WE had the same thing when "Shepherding The Flock" book was released:

    "There is NOTHING in it that has not appeared in the litterature."

    LIES!! LIES!! LIES!! - as you can see by reading the pirated editions on the net.

    The "KOOLAID" edition speaks of the more sinister and deceitful teachings, which woud put off a newbie.

    The public edition claims "Nobody shoud be forced to choose between his religion or his family"

    Completely different in the Koolaid when talking about family who decide they want to walk away....

    Believe their lies if you like - after 40+ years you are not so easily fooled.


  • winstonchurchill

    JW's drink red Koolaid, 'conspiracy theorist' here drink purple Koolaid.

    If you still qualify a magazine that's made available for general download from a public web site, as 'secret', this is only proof that JW's don't have the monopoly on stupid people!

  • DaCheech

    will you find the same info on the "public" edition?


  • RubaDub
    If you still qualify a magazine that's made available for general download from a public web site, as 'secret', this is only proof that JW's don't have the monopoly on stupid people!

    WinstonC ... lmao

    Seriously, back to the original thread topic, there is NO Secret Watchtower. As you mention, it's now available free to the public on the WT website and they don't even have to step foot in a Kingdom Hall.

    Are the two Watchtowers targeted at two separate audiences? Absolutely, as would make sense.

    Personally, I found the "old" Watchtower generally difficult to offer to the public. I think most of us here that have done magazine work on a Saturday have usually featured the Awake instead of the Watchtower. I generally centered my presentation around the Awake since it tended to be "softer" and often more related to current events or issues that people could more easily relate to.

    Trying to offer the old Watchtower to the public that featured some article about a prophecy from Habbakkuk Chapter 2 or Zephaniah Chapter 3 was crazy. First, most people have never read the Bible and trying to make some relevence to a prophet they had never heard of to 19th/20th/21st century events was just too much. Now that I think about it, I bet I presented the Awake articles 4 out of 5 times more than a Watchtower article.

    So yes, without question, the two new Watchtowers have different purposes. Plus, by doing it this way, they save a LOT of money.

    Rub a Dub

  • hamsterbait

    Oh the Wisdom of the Faithful and discreet Slave - They are using our contributions economically.

    The end is evidently very very near.


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