"Secret Watchtower" - No, there is NO Secret Watchtower

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  • RubaDub
    BTW, based on your reasoning, there is nothing secret in the world, you always can join the group, that has exclusive acces to such secret information....
    Flock book is not secret, becouse you can become an elder and get it...
    KGB materials are no secret, becouse you can join KGB and get access to it...

    Albert ...

    Not to belabor the issue ... but I was referring to things that "everyone" has access to ... Cable TV, Sports Events, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.

    You have to do something to see Cable TV (pay something), go to a Sports Event (pay something), read the Newspaper or Magazines (pay or go to the library and read for free). No special skills or training ... no becoming an elder, being a member of the KGB, being at the management level of a large company or anything else.

    Anyone who wants the information from the next Members Only issue of the Watchtower, and has no other way of getting it, can just go to the local Kingdom Hall and get it. No special skills required. You will hear and see the same information as everyone else. The same as if I buy Cable TV, go to a Rock Concert, Subscribe to a Magazine, etc. If I put forth a little effort, I get the same thing as everyone else.

    Enough said. But you win.

    Rub a Dub



    Nothing the WBT$ prints..

    Is a Secret on JWN for very long..

    Some WBT$ information..

    Is considered "Privileged Information" by the WBT$..

    It is to be kept Secret from all,but the Privilged..

    In Watchtower World..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • cattails

    Changeling: "My witness parents live with me. Dad's an elder. No, I can't get a study WT. I go in his room when he's at the meetings if I want to read something I've heard of here."

    Hah hah hah, Changeling, me too!
  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I don't see the word "secret" used much in connection to the "Study Edition" WT. Sometimes it is used sarcastically, rarely completely seriously, though there is some level of secrecy to it.

    Personally, I prefer to call it the Kool Aid version.

  • Mythbuster

    They are available for download on the JW site.


  • VoidEater

    The study WT is a type of "CONTROLLED" document.

    It is "secret" in that it contains poisoned Kool-Aid stronger spiritual food that reasonable people would reject.

  • garyneal

    You all got me curious what is actually contained in these "secret" study editions of the Watchtower. My wife is very careless about where she places her material so I am sure I can easily get a copy.

    Oh well, no one outside of the organization really cares about it anyway. They don't even care about the ones being distributed door to door, let alone the secret study edition. To most people, it is all trash anyway. It may have an interesting article in it on occasion but most of the time it is just plain trash.

  • winstonchurchill

    I said in another thread, and I'll repeat:

    1) Not secret: Those non-JW attending sundays get a copy. You can dowload it @ jw.org

    2) JW's ca't keep anything secret. No publication has been 'protected' as much as ks91 (Elder's handbook), and the thing is all over the internet.

    3) The 'two-issues' thing has nothing to do with secrecy, or better serving, or all that bull crap they said: its about COST. They used to print 30 millions of copies of 24 issues a year, and nobody was buying. With the new scheme, they print only 7 or 8 millions of the 'study edition'. That's a reduction of roughly 35% with the consequential savings (less trasnportation, less storage space, etc.)
    It was a corporate decision, not a spiritual one.

    I have not seen or heard ANY instruction saying others are banned from seeing it. If a newbie walks into the KH on a given sunday, he's given a copy.

    Someone said that KM is only for active publishers. Wrong. People attending on a regular basis and children are also given one.

    If I'm not a member of the "Association of People who hate Jay Leno", why should I get their newsletter? C'mon! Stop seeing ghosts! There's plenty of funded reasons to criticize the WTS, so drop this nonesense.

  • LatinxJW

    Rub A Dub

    If it is so easily accessible why make the effort in printing 2 versions?

    So they are hiding Gods truths from the very people they are supposed to provide it to, great way to follow Jesus. Oops that's right the follow the GB not Jesus.

  • sd-7

    It's not a 'secret' Watchtower at all. It's really just "insider doctrine", as opposed to the "outsider doctrine" offered to the public. There are very specific terms that you will never see in a Public Edition that are in nearly every Study Edition. Like, "obey the faithful slave". True, we could never say that to the public and have it mean something or make sense. Even so, in its own way, it's like a code that only insiders can understand. A person walking in off the street doesn't comprehend what's being said when we're told to 'obey the faithful slave's direction'. He or she could infer that the 'faithful slave' must be some sort of faceless leader who must be obeyed.

    Our information is accessible by the public, should the public express interest in seeking it. But there is such a thing as hiding in plain sight, after all. By using language that only JWs understand, the study edition can be pretty confusing for an outsider at first glance. This is not a particularly relevant discussion. What is said to the public is generally the opposite of what is said to us. July 2009 Awake!, anyone? The public is told that there should be freedom to worship God as one sees fit. The insiders are told that freedom is dangerous, usually offered by Satan or apostates to trick us into thinking we can serve God without his organization. With such glaring differences, it becomes a moot point, doesn't it?


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