uni is not all its cracked up to be me dears, sorry

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  • cameo-d

    Actually, there are some uni's that are worthless and detrimental. Like this one:


    Pat Robertson. com......Christian leadership to change the world-this is the vision of Regent University. Dr. Pat Robertson founded the university over 20 years ago with the purpose of training men and women to represent Christ in their professions. The university offers graduate-level programs-masters and doctoral programs-in business, communication, divinity, education, government, law, psychology and counseling.


    I was the first Latin American who received a complete scholarship from the university, and now, I can say that I owe my profession, my career, first to God, and then to Dr. Robertson and the university. Many thanks.


    These big business televangelists have used their billions to go into 3rd world countries, buy up land, and start their kingdoms there. They are finding people who are more gullable in those areas, I suppose. A ready made work force and ripe for the pickins.

  • noni1974

    Funny, I've found exactly the opposite in my life. Education has come to be very important to me. I have made my education a priority in the last few months. I never graduated from High School. I am now at the age of 35 trying to get my GED so I can go to college. I took the tests last night and tonight. I have to wait a week to find out my results. My goal is to go to college. I'm going to go for a 2 year degree at first and maybe after that see about getting a 4 year degree.

    My life has stagnated for the last 5 years. I've worked as a cab driver, a job which I hate because I can't get another job. Having a high school diploma is a must have now. A 2 year degree is better than that, but still not great, not anymore. In a world where even Mcdonalds can pick and choose who they hire and pick the best of the high school graduates.

    I came to the conclusion I was going to stop waiting for life to happen to me and go after what I want. I want a good job I can be proud of with benefits. I don't need to be rich but I want to stop living day to day and have money in the bank. I want stablity in my life. I think an education is the key to getting those things. I hope to be in college in the summer. I was thinking today that a whole world is opening to me. A world I would have never seen had I not tried to get an education.

  • moshe

    There was a story in our paper about picking a doctor for a prostrate removal (cancer) operation and it was proven from patient recoveries that the ones who used a physician with over 250 operations under his belt fared far better than, say a docotor who had only done 100 operations. Life is like that- experience counts. Well,, it does to a point and then Human resources decides you are "over the hill".

    Personally, I hated college. I hated taking those junk courses that were , IMO, required for Freshman in order to keep some mediocre tenured professor's salary paid.

  • BizzyBee

    Don't underestimate the LOL phenomenon - Love Of Learning. Without it, education is about taking tests, passing courses. But with it, one can parlay even the autodidact experience into satisfaction, power and earnings.

  • Juli

    I work at a college. One of the big goals of higher learning is to teach critical thinking and analysis, the knowledge of history and world cultures and views to understand the bigger picture, and the skills to research and find answers with one's own resources. I can't think of any skills that would be more important to JWs, ex-JWs, etc. No wonder higher education is bashed repeatedly in the magazines. Cults can't operate with members that think.

  • nugget

    I think University can be a dissappointment to some but it is also an opportuinity. I do my degree on line and via distance learning and enjoy it immensely, I love learning new things and seeing what new opportunities are available. Some courses are less valuable then others but others are essential if you wish to move into specific fields.

    I am sorry the experience wasn't what you wanted, I am just happy that when I came to study I had matured enough to know my own mind and have a clear idea of the direction I wanted to go. At least you were honest in your evaluation of your personal experience which is not an isolated one. Thank you for sharing an alternative point of view.

  • goldensky

    I think Highdose was just trying to make us feel less bad about not having gone to the University, and her reasons sound pretty convincing to me. But of course I understand your points of view as well.

  • Bystander39

    Having gotten a four-year degree and watching my spouse get a master's degree, I can relate to Highdose. Most (not all) of the classes require no independent thought. If an instructor's test asks your opinion, he/she is really asking you to parrot back the instructor's opinion. I well remember one elementary literature class I took. I was older than most of the students and quickly realized what the professor wanted. I gave the answers he was looking for, not necessarily the answers I agreed with, and got As. The other students really thought the professor was asking for their input and did not get the grades they should.

    On the other hand, the society we have today requires that piece of paper. In this respect the WTS does a major disservice to their r&f.

    My feelings are like most of you who have posted - you get out your education what you put in. Post-secondary formal education is a necessary evil. Post-secondary informal education is crucial to your mental health.

  • Caedes

    Highdose does have one thing right, you have to teach yourself at university. That is why they are called lectures and not classes and you have lecturers not teachers.

    I guess it depends on what course you do because I have used an awful lot of the stuff I learnt at uni in my job but that may be because I did a hard science course.

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