uni is not all its cracked up to be me dears, sorry

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  • highdose

    i've noticed on this forum the big regret of alot of people seems to be that they didn't go to collage or university.

    Speaking as someone whose done the whole shebang, i can tell you that while yes i learnt alot at collage, uni taught me very little at all. In fact anything i learnt i taught myself by spending hours apon hours in the uni libary, which i could have done by just getting a day pass.

    My degree has not helped me in my career, i already knew how to do what i do before going to uni. I run my own business now but i am sure that if i ever went for an employee postion my years of experiance would count far more than the bit of paper i have proving i have a degree.

    getting a degree is pretty much down to knowing how to work the academic system. by which i mean, figuring out what boxes you need to tick to get the grade. Once youv'e got that cracked you realise that deep research and long well argued essays don't matter.The tutors probably won't read them and are just looking for the said "boxes" to see if they are ticked or not.

    I guess my point is, appreciate what you have and don't feel bad about not having been to uni because it honestly its no serious acolade, your experiance in life is what counts

  • BizzyBee
    uni taught me very little at all.

    Your post demonstrates the profound truth of your statement.

  • straightshooter

    You have expressed some good points. I was fortunate to have found a job that valued experience. But there were many opportunities that I passed up because of a lack of a uni degree. Some businesses actually required it. For example, my local Farmers Insurance district office would not even consider you for ANY position without a masters degree. Though you are right that a degreee does not mean that a person is intelligent or a good worker, but many look at that paper as something to start with.

  • changeling

    I'm sorry that this has been your experience, but I have to disagree.

    An education is not something to regret. You may never have a career in your chosen field but you acquired knowledge you wouldn't have otherwise.

    Your view of education seems very much like the WT's. "I'ts purpose is to find a job". Again, I disagree. Education is what rounds us out as humans. It opens our eyes. Expands our horizons.

    Sounds like you would have been better off going to a trade school. And that's ok, I'm not knocking trade school. But for many of us, education means much more than a means to a good paycheck. :)

  • Finally-Free

    It's different for me. I work in IT, and my career options have reached their limit. I will never be able to get a position as a director of IT because I don't have a degree. I know this because I've been trying for the last 10 years. Other people with less experience and fewer skills are moving past me. The biggest difference I can see is that I'm the only one in our IT department without a degree.


  • shamus100

    i can tell you that while yes i learnt alot at collage

    Me too. Me happy.... me vury happy me went to uni. Me lerned luts of steff.

    Shamus 100 - who hopes the above poster can take a joke.

  • miseryloveselders

    Straightshooter summed up my thoughts on Unis. Demonizing secular education has left an entire generation if not two generations with a whole lot of what ifs, and could I haves. I'm doing ok without a Uni education, but I look back and wonder what my true potential would/could have been. The same can be said for athletics too. I wasnt a slouch by any means, although I am now, but I wonder sometimes. I've went to school with and been friends with people who are currently in both the NFL and NBA. I'm watching younger people growing up in this who's goals don't seem reasonable at times. I can't criticize those that truly wish to do missionary work, pioneer work, or even Bethel, but it shouldnt be at the cost of those that don't wish to persue that lifestyle.

  • highdose

    the point i was trying to make, is that at uni the empaises is all on teaching yourself, not being taught by tutors. The tutors are there to check and see wether you are teaching yourself correctly. Yes there are lectures to go to but they only formed about 3% of what i needed to know in order to do the work and get the grades.

  • thetrueone

    your experience in life is what counts

    Tell that to the thousands of JWS who worked as janitors or window washers for

    most of their lives waiting for the end to come.

    Unfortunately for a lot of JWS many elderly ones hadn't saved and built up a long term pension

    to live off from and are now totally destitute and impoverished.

    Fortunity though for the GB members they are looked after by the organization's monetary funds for the rest of their lives.

  • changeling

    Thats because they are not teaching you WHAT to think but HOW to think.

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