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  • megaflower

    As a good dub I never used any four letter words (I just thought them). Its not that way anymore. If you no longer consider yourselve a witness do you swear, curse. Every now and then I get a chuckle if the F word is dropped. Hey, after being stifled for so many years I guess its my way of rebelling.

  • nicolaou

    There's nothing quite so cathartic as a gently purgative "fuck"

  • cantleave

    I started swearing as a way to show that I was no longer being controlled by the bOrg. I have to admit I have almost stopped a again, but as nic says an occasional, well placed explitive is pretty cathartic.

  • dig692

    In my pre-dub days I never swore, and being a dub now I rarely, if ever, swear (unless you count "crap" and "darn" as some dubs would). However I am not offended when someone swears around me, unless there are kids present, or if we are in a professional environment or an occasion that calls for nice language.

    When I do drop the F bomb, its usually just around my hubby or when I get really heated up about something (like bad drivers!) but I just whisper it because it makes me feel naughty

  • frankiespeakin

    I rather like swearing and foul language but used too extensively is like putting to much hot sauce or salt & pepper on something. Fuck is a word that has the most meaning for anything you want it to mean and is right up there as the top number one word in the anglo saxon curse words for popularity.



  • restrangled

    Megaflower, I had to laugh because of my family history.

    My Moms side of the family 3 generations of JW's did and still have a swearing problem.

    My dad, who came in during his late teens...I never heard a swear word from him in his life, and he use to be quite appalled at the language from my mom's family....and my mom!

    Funniest scenario, My mom was pretty upset in traffic about another driver who seemed to be torturing her, .....she flipped him the bird....(it was the wrong finger)!!!!! I still laugh to this day about it.


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Growing up in the household that I did swearing was a hard thing not to do . My Dad was a military man that swore daily, and his Father swore I think in every sentence . My Mom was a witness ,but when she got mad ,boy could she let the cuss words fly . So I believe I came by it quite naturally

    When i got married I reallly tried my best not to cuss ,but I failed miserably . My husband NEVER swore ! His euphemism of choice was 'OH pickle " or "good grief" "jimeny christmas" (don't ask I have no Idea where he got that one !)

    Now I don't think I swear as much (cause I'm happier ),but HE has started ! And it just doesn't sound right ! I cringe when he drops the F bomb . Maybe he had all those words locked up in his head too and just never could express them ?

  • megaflower

    Dig692 you said, the f word makes you feel alittle dirty. LOL I feel the same way. I guess that is why I like to say it now and then. I wuld never use it around children.

  • chickpea

    how do you get a sweet little 80 year old woman to drop the f-bomb?

    get another sweet little 80 year old woman to yell "bingo"....

    my life is full of mid late adolescents to mid 20's...
    if i was going to have a stroke every time some one
    said a bozo no-no, i would be well beyond dead....

    time, place, circumstance and sensibilities
    should be the guide for decorum.... i
    certainly wouldnt swear in front of someone
    who would be grossly offended....

    i love a good rail laden with forbidden expletives
    every now and again, but it is more because of
    what my father told me years back (that profanity
    is a sign of a weak mind and weaker vocabulary)
    than any "moral" outlook that keeps me somewhat
    self-censored.... but man it sure as hell gets
    downright hilarious sometimes!!!!!

  • restrangled

    If you save the "F" bomb, .....for the best circumstances.....it really makes a statement!

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