From Jon, My Brother

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  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    What a beautiful testimony to your brother's character and beauty as a human being. This has me in tears, Jeff. Thank you for sharing it.

    tall penguin

  • AllTimeJeff

    Thanks everyone. Jon was a worthy person. Some people just need more time to grow up and out of their funk. Jon didn't make it. But others can. Sometimes, its all about time and being patient with ourselves.

    We also need people to believe in us when we don't believe in ourselves. I think Jon's life exemplifies that.

    I am glad that you all were moved by that. I think its a positive thing to be able to feel and emote.

  • cantleave

    Jeff, It seems that today has been one of reflection for you. I am sure that if there is an afterlife and if Jon could see you now, he would be proud of the decisions you have made. I am sure he would also want you exploit your potential. I don't just mean in a material way but in terms of all your humanity. You have so much to give and so much to enjoy, do it for yourself and for those in your life today and those who are no longer here.

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    Jeff, I don't have the gift of verbalizing my thoughts like you do but I just want to say that your words today have thrown a blanket on my shivering heart.

  • goldensky

    Oh, dear! How very, very touching! I can hardly see which keys I'm presssing on my computer, my eyes are so full of tears... Thank you very much, AllTimeJeff. You are a wonderful person.

    Paul from Cleveland, I've been wanting to tell you you are very dear to me. I wish you were my son. Look after yourself (Sorry to have changed your subject for a second, AllTimeJeff. I needed to tell him. I know you don't mind).

  • BabaYaga

    AllTimeJeff said:

    Did you know that was the first time ever in my adult JW existence that I felt I was doing something wrong by obeying the JW dogma and edict? Jon was the first person to shake my tree a bit, to get me to feel. And all I did was say no to my brother in his time of need. But in Jon's time of need, somehow, he knew that he needed to know that he loved me. He knew that in the future, I would need that. It was Jon's love that slowly started the opening of my eyes, and started the erosion of the JW hold on me.

    Aw, Jeff. That is incredible. You have moved beyond the bitterness to find the gift from your brother. Love to you and precious Jon.

    Thank you.


  • Wasanelder Once
  • mouthy

    Jeff my darling ...Thanks for sharing the love of Jon.
    I know how it must hurt at times when you think back
    of the rejection we were practising in the name of GOD
    But Jon was filled with the spirit if Christ THE GOD OF LOVE
    All this sex stuff is more on the minds of the WT than the
    ORDERS of GOD!!!!!!My belief is he is in the arms of his Savior
    who looked at HIS heart .Love you sweetie ((((HUGS)))

  • AllTimeJeff

    Paul, I think of you often. I hope that can help. It wasn't from me, it was from someone who knew better. :)

    Grace, thank you as always. Hugs back! ((Mouthy))

  • dinah

    Everytime you write about Jon, I cry. He did love you, and his understanding woke you up. Rest in peace, Jon. Jeff, it's amazing that you have come to terms with all this without bitterness. If your brother was anything like you, he was a keeper.

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