From Jon, My Brother

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  • palmtree67

    Thank you for sharing this.

    About 3 years ago, one of my daughter's friends left the org., as he was gay. Interestingly, alot of the young people in the org are still very close to him, including my daughter. I think things are changing in this regard. At least amongst the young people.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Thank you for sharing this, ATJeff. Experiences here help so many of us so much. I believe Newton's Third Law of Motion applies to life as much as to physics and that from great losses can come great personal progress and achievement in soul and spirit.

  • PSacramento

    Life is so short, before we know it...

    Even in this day and age where homosexuality SEEMS to be more accepted I can't hope but wonder what it feels like to be openly gay, it is NOT the easy way out or an easy path, of that I have no doubts.

    No one chooses to be gay because it will make their lives easier.

    As a christian I beleive that love is the greatest gift that God has given us through his son Jesus and that love is for ALL of God's creations, regardless of sexual orientation or anything else. It may not be "my cup of tea", but its NOt about ME, its about someone being true to themselves and true to love.

    Jeff, you are a strong man and have gone though much and in sharing with us you strenghten us, we become better people because of you.

    I for one say Thank You.

  • babygirl30

    This post made me BAWL.....I mean, it doesn't get anymore heartfelt then this!!!!

    AllTimeJeff you honestly inspired ME to write my own parents a 'letter' telling them how much I love and care for them even though they choose to shun me and not be a part of my life. THANK YOU!

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    It is sad how as JWs we allowed the Watchtower to come between us and the people we loved. A lot of times when they need us the most. It is also sad that your brother felt so loyal to a belief system that couldn't have cared less about him. Some of the most miserable people I have come in contact with are those who for whatever reason are no longer in the Watchtower but still believe it to be the truth and still feel loyal to it.

    The dubs aren't the only one with this problem. Lots of churches like to dig back into the old testament to find the few scriptures they can on homosexuality so they can condemn it but for some odd reason they avoid applying the ones about stoning people for adultery. In California Prop 8 showed how far some will go to prevent their gay neighbors from having the same rights they enjoy. Gay people have to deal with a lot of things the rest of us don't have to deal with. I don't have a clue why any man would want to have sex with another instead of a woman but I do know most of the gay people I have known have been good neighbors and friends. We need to stick up for them whenever we can.

    Thank you for your post. It helps us to understand what people like your brother have to deal with.

  • VoidEater

    Some of us survived.

    Some of us didn't.

    Some of us would have been trapped forever but got out somehow, able to live the life we were meant to.

    Some of us are still trapped, alive but hardly living.

    Perhaps we can honor each other by living, fully living, the life we were born to - and loving unconditionally.

    Thanks, Jeff.

  • boyzone

    changed my mind...

  • snowbird

    Beautiful and touching, Jeff.

    Jon knew that you love him.

    I just "know" this.


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