Queen-Your Favorite All Time Songs from Them ? U-tubes Welcome !

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  • Sad emo
  • Robdar


    Well, I can't get youtube to link from my son's computer. It's supposed to hook to Tie Your Mother Down

  • cantleave

    I actually cried when Freddy died. Its such a shame because with toda's drug regimes he could still be alive.

    "Days of our lives" can still make me cry and is probably my favourite queen track. But I can't think of a bad one.

  • beksbks

    My appreciation has grown over the years. We've collected a lot of the live video stuff available. One of my favorite bands. He was an absolutely amazing talent. Watching him sing it seems like he's trying to contain the power in his voice, rather than most other singers who are trying to reach it.

    This one is fun. Especially if you've ever seen the movie.


  • donny

    I have been a big Queen fan since Queen II. After I was given that album, I went and bought their debut and a 35 year love affair began. My favorites are The Great King Rat, My Fairy King, all of Queen II, Flick of the Wrist, Good Company, The Prophets Song, All Dead AllDead, It's Late, Save Me, I Want It All, Innuendo. Brian May is one of my favorite guitarists. You can always spot his tone whenever he plays.


  • SacrificialLoon

    Hey, I missed this thread.

    Yeah, Queen made Flash. Queen + Brian Blessed = Epic Win.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I'm an unabashed Queen fan since "A Night at the Opera" came out.

    I like to play this particular song, "Sleeping on the Sidewalk", when people come to visit for a couple of reasons.

    1. If they're a hard-core Queen fan, they just might pick up on Brian May's style coming through very subtly and identify it as Queen. Always enjoy finding a fellow fan.

    2. Whenever a "good-old-boy, ultra-homophobic JW" visits our home (rarely) I also love to play this song because it takes them by surprise. It's a blues-rock tune that's almost impossible not to tap your foot to, IMO. When/if they ask:

    Hater: "Hey, OM, this song's pretty good! Who is this?"

    OM: "Queen."

    Hater: *face goes into a series of contortions*

    I always enjoy watching their reaction.



  • Dagney

    "Barcelona." (At work...no youtubing.)

  • PSacramento

    Who wants to live forever.

    I am a huge Highlander fan :P

  • VoidEater

    Favorite? Oh, my...I can only instead say the first Queen song I heard was:

    Death on Two Legs (the opener for Night at the Opera)

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