Queen-Your Favorite All Time Songs from Them ? U-tubes Welcome !

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  • beksbks

    What an awesome human. 1:33-39 sends chills up my spine. Brian's guitar's not so bad either.


    I waited weeks, months, years! for this show. I was in labor with my first baby (gorgeous little girl) through the whole thing. It was a very long hard labor, with all kinds of monitors and tubes hooked up to me. I remember when Ozzy and Black Sabbath came on, the doctor and my husband were there discussing possible C-section if things didn't get better. Through my oxygen mask I saw them both whip their heads around to the TV, and one of them said "Wow these guys haven't been together in years!"......."yea yea, wow!"..............It was Led Zeppelin that I had wanted to see so bad, and she was born during Stairway to Heaven. I never let her forget it!! But here's Queen!


  • donny

    In 1977 when I was 18 I was fortunate to have a backstage pass to their concert at Moody Coliseum. I got to meet the band and I spoke to Brian May most of the time. He was a very nice guy and seem impressed that I understood the mulitracking of his "guitar orchestra" parts. He was about 6 ft 2 or so but I was shocked at how short the rest of the band was.


  • beksbks

    Lucky man!

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