Is The Internet The Worst Thing That Could Happen To The Organization?

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  • agonus

    "We're not going to make any more false predictions like we did in 1975!"... " we did in 1941..." " we did in 1925..." " we did in 1914..." " we did in 1874..."

    (John Hodgman smile): "Trust me!" ;)

  • AllTimeJeff

    LOL @ agonus!

  • eyeslice

    I am sure that it is hurting.

    In the past if a person were disfellowshipped or simply found themselves at odds with the organisation, it must have been a very lonely existance. With the internet it is now easy to see you are not the only one who has been treated in the same manner or feels the same as you do.

  • whoknows

    On this site I found a forum to hear the doubts and questions that I had suppressed for years being discussed openly, intelligently and with no fear. This site, JWFacts and Freeminds gave me the courage to leave. Even if all of my friends shunned me, I knew I was not alone. I am hoping to see increasing numbers muster their courage and click on the dreaded JWN site, listen to the conversations and have their eyes opened, despite the death threats from the GB for doing so.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I certainly hope so. I have to say the internet and sites like this one helped me out a lot to get through that awkward phase where their tactics might have had me running back.

    Education/Information needs to reach people BEFORE they get involved. If I could have googled jws when I first heard of them, I would have never gotten involved.

  • diamondiiz

    Dumb leaders doing stupid things and trying to keep it hidden. It worked pre-internet as it was hard to find evidence but with internet anyone can research and it does show how stupid GB was and still is, the fraud is exposed to the public through the history of wts. The worst thing will be time as someone wrote, they can only tell r&f that the end is just around the corner so many times before they will have to do something drastic - either change 1914 to a newer date, scrap the invisible return of Christ or divide into smaller sects where each sect will fight for the members. Future doesn't look good for wts. 2014 should be interesting year as more dubs should be talking about the 100 years of Christ's presents without anything getting better, actual talking should stimulate some brain activity where more people will actually question this whole invisible return and more will start to awake. Hopefully it won't take too many years after 2014 that there will be a big drop in GB followers.

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