Why Do Some Elders Go After "Faded Ones" While Others Leave Us Alone?

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  • Truthexplorer


    I think you are right. Though I returned to the meetings and am only managing to go now and again (as thinking of fading again), i personally think they (the boe in each congregation-to a degree) are afraid to rock the boat, particularly if you are known to have doubts and/or you have other members of your family attending; as they are all too aware of the repurcussions. The boe in my hall are probably well aware of my doubts as I spoke to one of them once, but they never bothered me for years during my last long term fade, which I did wonder about.

    I beleive that they will only generally go after you if you are quite outspoken, in which case they can then say they have clear grounds to bring things to a closure.


    how did you get to hear that elders from other halls wanted to do something about you?? Why were such elders so keenly interested in doing something about someone from another hall??

  • flipper

    MINIMUS- The truth is - they are scared $hitless of some of us. I have left child abuse news release printouts about the JW child abuse problems in car parking lot windshield wipers at some local kingdom halls in several counties around here while they are gone in field service - and now I noticed one kingdom hall is locking their entry gate to the parking lot at the kingdom hall. Guess they're getting a little nervous, eh ? LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Snoozy

    I don't think it's how much you know, but as Flipper pointed out it's WHAT you know...I wrote a letter to the society and they apparently sent a copy to the congregation I attended..never got a call from any of them. Never was disfellowshipped either..nothing...how could they when they were ignoring what was going on among themselves..? I snitched!

  • Violia

    If you were ever an elder or what they consider elder materal they will most likely try and get you back. It mostly has to do with that they think you can do for them--not what they can do for you.

  • Farkel

    :Why Do Some Elders Go After "Faded Ones" While Others Leave Us Alone?

    There is an inverse relationship to how much an elder is a Nazi and his penis size, methinks.


  • AllTimeJeff

    Really, its a combination of the personality of the elder body, the elders as individuals, and if the person is considered a threat or an apostate.

  • AllTimeJeff

    LOL @ Farkel.

    There are a ton of Napolean complex's going on with Elders. They get to live out life long fantasies of delusions of grandeur. God knows I went home some nights thinking I was way better then what I turned out to be.... You can't help it. It's power over people, and if you have no experience and on top of that, sincerely believe the WT crap, you are going to be an idiot elder.

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