A conversation With A Jehovah's Witness

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  • What-A-Coincidence

    Got my approval.

  • oldflame

    It is so sad that I had to laugh at something so seriously wrong.

  • Chalam

    Good stuff, love the "JW" response

    Aside from the false doctrines regarding Jesus, this is one of the most damaging WT teachings.

    That said, it exists to keep JWs from Jesus.



  • boyzone
  • boyzone

    hehehe loved the quick exit at the end

  • Heaven

    I loved it!

    This is like my conversation with my mother years ago when I was a teenager about going out on service. It's not in the Bible yet the JWs say if you don't do it, you don't gain everlasting life. Huh? And the kicker... when my mother started pressuring me to go out....

    I said to her: "You don't go on service."

    She replies: "I can't because I smoke."

    I said: "Ok. I'll start smoking then." End of conversation.

    I never started smoking... and I never went out on service.

  • blondie

    That's interesting. Prior to 1973 my mother smoked and went door to door (she just didn't smoke when she went door to door). I do understand that overseers, MS, and regular pioneers could not be smokers.

    *** w69 2/15 p. 127 Questions From Readers ***Since the use of tobacco violates so much of the counsel provided for Christians, one who had not yet overcome this habit would not have the blameless reputation that an appointed servant in the Christian congregation should have. Those privileged to be overseers and ministerial servants are to be examples of Christian maturity. (1 Tim. 3:2, 10) Consequently, in addition to the aforementioned reasons for overcoming the unclean habit, one should strive to conquer the habit so as to be available for special privileges in the congregation, such as being an appointed servant or a full-time pioneer minister.

    Since the occasion of one’s water baptism is such a significant point in his life, that is an excellent time to break the tobacco habit if it has persisted up to that point. But what if that step is already past and you still use tobacco? The situation is not hopeless. Others have quit, and you can too. Obviously, more self-control is needed.

  • Heaven

    That's interesting. Prior to 1973 my mother smoked and went door to door (she just didn't smoke when she went door to door).

    My Mum's smoking was a crutch for her. She once told me 'it's my one pleasure in life.' She didn't get baptised until after she collapsed with COPD and was forced to quit or die. Then she was physically incapable of going door to door. The JWs didn't help her with her smoking. She smoked herself into a progressive lung disease that ultimately cost her her life.

    I wish they'd find out more about addiction.

  • aquagirl

    Very Nicely done!You must be an apostate..hahaha..When I was doing the door to door thing,I was told that if anyone questioned the bible{jw dogma} more than 3 or 4 things,that it was Satan,and one should leave...

  • cskyjw.sun

    the great crowd in rev19:1 is not the same as the one in rev7:9 see the context rev19:4

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