The Gradual Change From Worshiping Jehovah To The Worship Of the Governing Body

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  • frankiespeakin

    I first began my misadventures with Jehovah's Witnesses in 1972 as a youth(18 years old) and was baptised in that same year. I was young inexperienced and they caught me at a low point when I was weak and looking for God to solve problems. Being raised as a Catholic and going to all the religious indoctrination up to the point of confirmation, I guess you could say I was indoctrinated from birth to believe a certain way which left me vulnerable to the JW propaganda.

    Fast foreword to the time of my departure in 2001 february.

    For a couple of years (late 90s) before I left I started noticing out right lies in the WT publications about their history and the luster that these magazines used to have started to fade rapidly also around that time I really began to notice the gobs and gobs of praise they were bestowing on the Organization and the representative members of the so called Faithful & Discrete Slave(GB). I was slowly getting sick of it as I was starting to find all kinds of things wrong from that point on. My personal reading of WT publications in turn fell to new lows every year as I found such dribble hard to digest.

    What really used to bug me was how the friends were just soaking it up, with words to the effect:"The faithful slave this" and "the faithful slave that" and calling the organization "mother" and be obedient to "mother" they even used to use some scripture in proverbs somewhere where it says to be obedient to "mother" and applying it to the organization it was really starting to bug me as I never really was all that impressed with those at the top.

    I even recall brothers after a stern tongue lashing from the WT at the conventions saying they were beat black and blue by the rebukes and how they really needed it. To me it was disgusting as the reasonings no longer were making sense and were never really practical, but I knew how to speak JW speak and so I either just listen or found myself agreeing with them in order not to arouse suspision of my growing discontent or loyalty to the Organiztion. Influence of being in groups surely has its place in getting one to accept things that one might question and to conform to the crowds mentality.

    What have been your experiences in this regard, were you turned off by all that too, did it have similar reactions?

    Did you start to notice how the GB was getting more worship than even the God they claim to serve?

    I think somewhere in the 80s after the big thing with Ray Franz and Dunlap that the organization really started to hammer away at the need to let "mother do your thinking for you and everybody wanted to appear obedient to "mother" or the GB so it seems everybody wanted to speak JW speak was jumping on the band wagon and they always had to include some praise for "mother" in their everyday conversation. This is what made me start feeling like everybody was brain dead.

    Today after years and years of WT propaganda the freinds have clearly turned into a bunch of Faithful & Discrete Slave worshipers. Look at their new song books and the wording changes and new songs they can hardly sing 2 verses before GB worship is expressed in some form.

  • wobble

    Spot on Frankie,

    As I said on a related thread, this was the trigger for me to leave, I was sickened by the blasphemous claims of the GB/FDS and by the idolatrous worship demanded by it ,and offered to it by the R&F.

    I am not so sure that there was a "gradual " change, I think even Russell and of course Rutherford expected adoration or worship.

    I think they have just got more overt, and more brash about their "position and their place"

    Frankly they sicken me.



  • Seeker4

    I had a close friend, another JW elder when I was serving, who complained about this same sort of thing 15 years ago - all the emphasis on the GB - which is really what the FDS is.

    Yet, he's still in and shuns me, while I left a decade or more ago, fed up with the worship given to the organization. Early on in its history, what happened to Jehovah's Witnesses is what happens to all similar groups - the organization itself becomes more important than the reason the organization was created.


  • cantleave

    Nice observations frankie. The emphasis on the FDS and it representatives the GB is far more overt now than it was few years ago. The worrying thing is the R&F are being asked to obey even if they can't understand why. This blind obedience is potentially a very dangerous behaviour. I worry for my friends who are still in.


    WBT$ GB Worship has become Incredibly Brazen..

    With the release of the new WBT$ Song Book..

    It won`t get any Better in the Future..

    Eventually you`ll be able to get WBT$ GB group pictures to hang on your wall..

    WBT$ GB Calenders..

    WBT$ GB Baseball Caps..

    Collectable WBT$ coffee mugs..With individual GB members on every cup..

    No one will want to go to a Quick Build,without a WBT$ GB T-shirt..

    Nothing gets better with the WBT$..

    It only gets Worse..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • nugget

    Outlaw you are so right. They'll probably change the name too. After all the R&F stopped being witnesses for God a long time ago.

  • EmptyInside

    Well, I never paid attention to it before, but every meeting someone is always using the term "faithful slave" and "the society". I don't know if anyone else heard about this or not, but about a year ago our congregation got a letter about turning congregation funds/savings over to the society. It said that they could collect the interest and whenever the congregation needed the funds , they would get the money back. This made me have an icky feeling , even though, I kind of blank out with stuff like that. I really didn't understand how it all worked , but thought it strange. Anyone else's congregation get a letter like that?

  • LatinxJW
    LatinxJW's that simple. I am an apostate of a false prophet, that actually make me the good guy.

  • frankiespeakin

    Since I started with the JWs in 1972, it was 1975 that seemed to get the focus and not too much was heard about the F&DS. After the usurpation of rulership of Knorr and Freddy and transfer of power to Governing Body giving them joint rulership of the Organization instead of the President things were a little less intense as far as worship of the GB goes, it seems GB worship really got in high gear after the dismissal of Raymond Franz and Dulap.

    They were apparently worried about the fall out that would occur once information got out about what really happened at bethel during that time that they started an all out champagne to promote GB worship as they were no doubt worried about their position of authority and the very real possibility of a schism..

  • bobld

    All you have to do is just listen to their prayers from the platform===bow your heads to the GB.Iam sick of hearing all the praises to the GB.


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