The Gradual Change From Worshiping Jehovah To The Worship Of the Governing Body

by frankiespeakin 40 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • BluesBrother

    I heartily agree with what has been said, of course I noticed it in the years leading up to my departure and it contributed to my exit.

    One blatant example more recently. My wife's congo staged a seminar for the HLC and in the evening they gave a meeting to the Bro's. I listened with interest and managed to keep a poker face. The head of the Brit HLC dept stood on stage with a large copy of the famous chart- the one with whole blood at the top, then the 4 main parts , then a line and below the line all other fractions.

    With due gravity he confirmed that "The Governing Body have determined that this represents the border of acceptable intake of blood products"

    Yes, "The Governing Body" not The Bible, not God or Jesus, but a group of men that decide on matters of potential life or death for the dubs and their families...

    We always knew that this was so , but it really hit me to hear him say it...

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