The Gradual Change From Worshiping Jehovah To The Worship Of the Governing Body

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  • DaCheech

    i keep sane during my meetings by laughing inside.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes


    Nice post. The Faithful Slave is put on the same level as Jehovah.

    Last week after the Watchtower Study the conductor said how

    nice it is to sit and eat at Jehovah's table. The Watchtower is

    the holy Koran of the JW's and the Faithful Slave is quoted more

    than God's Word.

    This just makes me Sour Grapes

  • agonus

    The worship of the GB/F&DS was always there. But in the past they were at least smart enough to be subtle about it.

    Now the subtlety and pretense of intelligence has been completely abandoned in favor of flat-out indoctrination. And yes, I've read/heard from the literature/platform SEVERAL times about "Mother". Which is ironic considering that in past literature, i.e. the WT trying to educate people about the dangers of propaganda, warned against this very thing, even going so far as to explicitly use the word "Mother". There is not a single WT (well, "study", i.e. non-public WT, that is) in recent memory that does not remind us who's REALLY in charge - dear old Faithy - at least once. (Usually they draw attention to themselves at least twice in any given study mag). The only thing "Faithful" about the "slave" is how faithful they are to themselves and the constant reminders of their importance. There is absolutely NOTHING "discreet" about them at all anymore. Think about it. Does a "slave" who is REALLY "faithful" and "discreet" constantly throttle you intellectually and spiritually, in effect saying, "Hey. HEY! Up here! Look at me. LOOK AT ME!"?

    And the sad irony is, with the flat-out lies in their literature about their past, they are actually proving THEMSELVES to be MORE "apostate" by their own definition than actual "apostates" who want to educate people about, i.e. what Pastor Russell REALLY taught.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I was in the right place at the right time to get to know the old GB a little and the new GB a lot.

    As the new members of the GB were appointed, I thought, "You've got to be kidding!" This group of dullards will never be able to define "this generation"... ever!

  • frankiespeakin

    Billy the x,

    As the new members of the GB were appointed, I thought, "You've got to be kidding!" This group of dullards will never be able to define "this
    generation"... ever!

    I can understand why that is so. Even though these new GB members may be some what younger they have been under JW programming so long and thus very indoctrinated their brains have atrophied from lack of use ie->though lack of independent thinking that they are just as stagnant as their much older counterparts on the GB. Mind control and having someone doing your thinking for you reduces creativity as one just falls into the pattern of thinking(healthful teachings)that make ones brain dull through lack of use. Worship of the GB and letting them do your thinking has that dumb down effect on people.

    The GB have very limited choices due to dumbing down the Rank & File and needing someone who speaks the party line and who's loyalty they can depend on, that sadly for them means very little clear brained creative thinkers on their Body and I think will only spell more trouble for the mess they are already in with all their failed predictions and wacky bible interpretation involving invisible parousias and generation expectations over runs.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    These that have been so loyal to "the party line", mostly think "do more of the same!" regardless of what the question is.

    In the face of dubs losing enthusiasm and many leaving... "do more of the same!" ... "Preach more!"

    With the failed predictions and faulty interpretations... "do more of the same!" ... "The end is coming really, really sooooon!"

    No really creative, problem-solving ideas. They aren't reacting thoughtfully to the growing challenges of an aging corporation.

  • frankiespeakin

    Billy the X,

    You got that right, they are suffering from "group think", no out of the box thinkers,, heck they are terrified of one another to even give a hint of a different thought afraid of what might happen to them, the horror of what happened to Ray Franz haunts their thinking and truly stagnates it. They are in their own little boxed in pool of small thinkers. Looking at Ray and how he got kicked out without any financial support and that the same could happen to them if they even dare to upset the apple cart keeps their thinking small indeed.

  • JoJoJones

    Re: what Emptyinside said - - good comments. The WTBTS runs a good con game it sounds like! Yuck! Sickening! All the poor congregations and individuals who are scammed by this shameless cult - - it's so sad!

  • MissingLink

    Personally I thought this was a pretty new thing. Or at least that it's been getting much more extreme. But after recently hearing experiences of ex-jws from about 30 years ago, I was surprised to hear that they were complaining of the same thing back then. Perhaps those people were just more sensitive to the subtle worshiping of the GB, and perhaps it IS getting more extreme.

  • carla

    While I can understand people who are offended by language used by those previously abused by the wt, this board is not only for current jw's. If Wizard feels better using that terminology so what? They are not really obscenities. If you want to print things out for those still in, edit it, go to your documents, cut & paste accordingly like the rest of have to. Is his using his reference for the fds any different than people who use borg, litter-ature, ass-embly, field circus, pedophile paradise, ubm's (we may not be unbelievers only unbelievers of the wt), perverts in NY, apostates, opposers, Jarcass, brain dead, etc..etc..etc...? Not to mention the many other ever so lovely references the wt has for the rest of the world on a regular basis.

    You never know where a poster is coming from in the particular moment they are posting, you never know how the jw's have impacted their day, week, year, whatever to bring the pain closer to the surface than normal. If you know a certain poster uses language you don't like you can actually skip right over their post, yep, you have that kind of freedom here. Kind of like changing the channel when you find a show offensive, change the channel, ignore it, read instead, you have choices.

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