EVERYONE - A Song title or lyrics you would like to see in the new Songbook!!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Song 23 - "Myriads and myriads of robots."

    Song 46- "Were the Governing bodies Witnesses.......our is the God of true PROPHECYYYY, what he fortells comes to be, sometimes....."

    Song 69 - "NOTE - DUE TO PORNIEA LAWS THERE IS NO SONG 69 turn the page here to Song 70!!!!"

    Song 70 - {My favourite} "Sing to Jehovah.....so he doesn't destroy us."

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Song 71 - "Those who just move their lips and pretend to sing, Jehovahs angry angel will do them in."

  • cantleave

    "From House to House from Mcdonalds to McDonalds"

  • cantleave

    "There is a book that has too many pages, so read our crap instead it will keep your brains in cages"

  • cantleave

    Theocracy's Increase (at least if you are annointed).

  • AwSnap

    "The Way We View the World Today"


  • snowbird
  • VoidEater

    Don't know if these songs exist in the songbook any more:

    Loyal-ty (Loyal Love) - "Loyal-ty/To G.B./Worship them on bended knee"

    Keep Your Eyes Under Wraps (Keep Your Eyes on the Prize) - "When you/Keep your eyes/Under wraps"

    From This to That (From House to House) - "From this to that/We change our minds/No matter who might die"

    There should also be a song called We Were Wrong, but that's not gonna happen any time soon.

  • changeling

    "Walking Hand In Hand with the UN" :)

  • littlebird

    Ok, here it goes...

    The way of the "truth" is the worst way of living

    ........much better ways can there be


    Christ Jesus has taught us the value of giving

    but to the GB you're wallets will be


    How's that?

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